High-Speed Rear-End Collision: Client Suffers Neck, Back Injuries, and TBI Symptoms

This client was rear-ended at a high rate of speed resulting in significant property damage. She suffered neck and back injuries in addition to post-concussion symptoms. She underwent MRI which revealed herniated discs as well as signs of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). She ultimately underwent extensive treatment and was recommended for surgery.


Settlement in Rear End Collision

A young parent was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident with minimal damage to her vehicle. The at-fault party’s insurer tendered their small limits after we demanded same for the injuries she sustained to her neck and back. The underinsured motorist carrier made a very minimal offer presuit so we filed a lawsuit against them. Nine months later, in 2019, they offered their policy limits and this client’s recovery in the case totaled $110,000.00.


Settlement in Pedestrian / Auto Accident Case

Our client as working and operating a garbage truck. After getting out of his truck to perform his job duties he was struck by a motor vehicle. At -fault driver failed to heed warnings and was driving to fast for the conditions. Such accident resulted in knee surgery and substantial wage loss. After filing suit, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers negotiated a settlement in the amount of $110,000.


Settlement in DUI Accident

An active retiree was seriously injured in a catastrophic T-Bone collision when a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .273, more than three time the legal limit, ran a red light, resulting injuries to our client including a fractured clavicle, multiple rib fractures, and serious injury to both knees. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained tender of all insurance policy limits available in the amount of $110,000 within 30 days.


Settlement For a Rear-end Collision That Caused Multiple Injuries

This 21-year-old was injured when he was rear ended while traveling east bound on State Road 580 in Clearwater, Florida. This rear-end collision caused multiple cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disc injuries. Client underwent conservative care. The insurance carriers resisted paying their $110,000 policy limits stating his pain and suffering was only worth $20,000. Roman Austin fought hard and obtained the justice this client deserved quickly, the full policy limits, in under 60 days after the insurance company’s first offer.


Full Policy Limit Tenders Secured for Client Injured in T-Bone Collision

The client was involved in a T-bone collision when another motorist ran through a stop sign. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance with neck and back injuries. After a period of conservative therapy, he underwent MRI scans, which revealed herniated discs in the neck and back. After a failure of conservative treatment, he ultimately underwent injections in both the neck and back. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained fully policy limit tenders of $110,000.


Client Injured by Driver Exiting Wrong Way, Receives Full Policy Limit Settlement

Bicyclist Crash: Client was riding her bicycle when a driver pulled out from the wrong way of a parking lot. The client suffered head, neck and back injuries. She had a prior history of neck and back injuries from a prior car crash. This crashed caused an aggravation of those prior injuries as well as a head injury. After extensive litigation we were able to recover the full policy limits.


Red Light Collision: Client Injured in T-Bone Crash Receives Full Policy Limit Settlement

The client was involved in a significant crash when she was T-boned by a driver that ran a red light. She suffered neck and back injuries but the main complaint was shoulder pain. After exhausting conservative options she ultimately decided to undergo surgery to the shoulder. In addition to the medical damages she also suffered lost wages. After filing a law suit and going through discovery we were able to obtain the full policy limits in this case.


Auto Accident Resulting In Ruptured Bicep Tendon

An accident caused by careless driving left our client with a ruptured bicep tendon which required surgery. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to secure there client the $100,000 policy limit after settlement.


Failure To Yield Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s client was a passenger in her husbands car when it was struck by a driver who neglected to properly yield. She sustained neck injury in this accident and Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers secured $100,000 policy limit promptly.