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The Season of Giving is Not Just for Friends and Family

By: Morgan Gaynor During last year’s holiday season, we encouraged readers to consider spending a little less on their holidays and putting aside some money or time to help the less fortunate. This year, we are doing the same. We realize “Giving Tuesday” is this week, and we hope it will do a lot of… read more

New York Times Exposes Arbitration as a Pro-Corporate Sham in New Article

By: Morgan Gaynor TheNew York Times published a two-part article last weekend which illustrates the dangers of arbitration. Arbitration is supposed to be an informal process for deciding legal disputes which is quicker and less expensive than a court battle, but theTimes article shows it is really just a way for corporations to stack the… read more

We All Deserve Protection Against SLAPP Suits

By: Morgan Gaynor One of our most cherished rights as Americans is our right to free speech. Spirited discussion about public affairs is a prized part of our constitutional tradition. Judges have recognized the “firstness” of our First Amendment in helping to protect all our other rights. Unfortunately, people who speak too loudly or clearly… read more

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of Spinal Cord Injuries

After an auto accident, even a minor one, take a moment to stop, let the initial shock subside, and assess how you truly feel. This is especially important if you felt an injury to your neck or back. The sheer force of an accident can cause the neck to whip around unnaturally, which is why… read more

What You Need to Know About Head Injuries Following an Auto Accident

Head injuries are notorious for being difficult to diagnose, treat, and predict. As auto accidents are among the leading cause of head injuries, also known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), it becomes important to take head trauma into consideration following any type of motor vehicle accident, no matter how inconsequential or severe it may seem…. read more

Different Laws Can Create Traps for the Unwary

By: Morgan Gaynor Most people understand that they may be subject to different laws when they travel to other states or countries. However, those are not the only places where they might not get the protection of Florida law. There are many places and things outside the reach of Florida law, and some of them… read more

Staying Safe on Fourth of July: Fireworks Safety Tips

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! If you have plans to enjoy the coming holiday weekend, our injury lawyers would like to remind all local residents that the Fourth of July is one of the more dangerous times of year. Whether you’ll be on vacation, enjoying… read more

Balcony Collapse Tragedy Shows Limits Of Landlord Safety Rules

On June 16, six people were killed near San Francisco when an apartment balcony they were gathered on collapsed. The collapse caused them to fall four stories to a sidewalk below. Four were killed instantly, and two more died at the hospital from their injuries. Seven more people were injured. The tragedy was national news… read more

Former AIG CEO Sues Federal Government Over Federal Bailout Which Saved AIG

The insurance industry has long protested about “frivolous lawsuits” which allegedly clog the court system and drive up insurance costs. AIG is a big part of that industry. In fact, it is the largest insurance conglomerate in the world. Given that, it’s ironic that the former CEO of AIG is pursuing what most people would… read more

Commute on Two Wheels for National Bike to Work Week

This year’s National Bike to Work Week is May 11th through 15th. While this week-long nationwide event has existed since 1956, it has gotten greater attention in the last several years as more Americans have turned to bike commuting. The benefits of riding rather than driving are obvious. Just a few are: (1) saving the… read more