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Six Bicycle Safety Myths Exposed

Cycling is a common mode of transportation with many benefits, but numerous myths and stereotypes keep some people from truly enjoying. With a clear understanding of bicycling safetyfacts, cyclists can safely participate in the sport. “It’s the most dangerous form of transportation.” While bicycle safety is a serious concern in the United States, cycling remains… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Sponsors Gearlink Cup

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers will sponsor the Gearlink Cup cycling event on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. The Gearlink racing team is dedicated to motivating cyclists throughout the Tampa Bay area and will hold the Gearlink Cup in downtown New Port Richey. This event is free for spectators and will feature 400 cyclists and a… read more

Texting While Walking is More Dangerous than You Think

Everyone multitasks, but juggling certain activities may be more dangerous than you might think. A recent study showed that texting while walking can lead to serious injuries and is responsible for a startling volume of accidents in the United States. While most texting-while-waking injuries are minor (stubbed toes, tripping over boxes, etc.), others lead to… read more

Accidental Gun Instructor Death – Who is Responsible?

An Arizona gun instructor died last week after he let a nine-year-old girl operate an Uzi during a shooting lesson. A video captured by the girl’s mother shows the instructor helping the girl fire the weapon and setting the gun to “automatic.” The recoil from the shot apparently caused the gun to fire straight above… read more

5 Tips for Staying Safe This Summer

Summer will arrive this year on June 21, and with it will come outdoor activities, fireworks, and more. In preparation for summer, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers has provided a list of 5 tips you need for a safe summer. Protect Yourself from the Sun – Sunburns are often a normal part of summer, and… read more

June Is National Safety Month!

June is national safety month sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC). This year’s theme is “Safety: It Takes All of Us” and focuses on informing the public on steps they can take to reduce their risk of getting in an accident. When everyone does their part, accidents can be avoided. Each week the NSC… read more

Injury Prevention in Youth Sports

Safety in youth sports is everyone’s responsibility. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 2.6 million youth sports injuries annually. Break it down and that’s over 7,000 child sports injuries every day in the United States. A majority of American children participate in some form of youth sports. Many play soccer, others are… read more

May is National Bike Month!

Since 1956, the month of May has been National Bike Month. It’s a time to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage more people to give it a try. Many people use bicycling as their primary mode of transportation and regularly bike to work or school. Bicycling frequently is a great form of exercise and… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Sponsors Dunedin High School Falcon Baseball Team

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to be a sponsor this year for the Dunedin High School baseball team! Pictured to the left are three Falcons players standing next to our banner at the Dunedin High School baseball field. As a Pinellas County law firm, we are proud to support the members of our… read more

Insurance Advertising Shows Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage (For All the Wrong Reasons)

At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, our firm consists of lawyers, not auto insurance agents. Nonetheless, we often advise our clients to get a form of auto insurance called uninsured motorist coverage. That coverage pays in the place of the at-fault driver when that driver has (1) no insurance of their own, or (2) inadequate… read more