Florida is a premier destination spot in the United States because it is home to some of the most popular theme parks, such as Universal Studios and Disney World. Land is abundant in Florida, and there is plenty of space for parks to expand not only in the size of their parks, but also thrill rides. There is a greater demand for taller and faster rides, as the clamors rise for thrills to push the boundaries.

In 2014 in Orlando, there were several injuries reported at the Universal Studios, Disney parks, and even at Sea World. 47 significant injuries occurred at Universal Studio Orlando that year, where many guests complained neck injuries from the jilting motions on The Simpsons ride.

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Why do amusement park injuries happen?

This is where the risk of sustaining an injury begins. Ride designers and engineers trust that their rides are safe. The rides undergo numerous safety tests and are given quality control checks. Yet, the chances of an accident or an injury occurring while on an attraction at an amusement park happens, resulting in thousands of injuries per year.

Here are some examples of common amusement park injuries:

  • Neck, brain injuries or whiplash from rapid jerking or braking
  • Aneurysms from speedy rides
  • Broken bones, bruises, or sprains
  • Injuries due to being thrown off or falling from a ride
  • Drowning on water rides
  • Wrongful death

Oftentimes, careless employees, poorly maintained rides, and other such negligence is a large cause of injuries. If you or someone you love was injured at an amusement park, it is imperative that you talk to our Clearwater personal injury attorneys to represent you and assist you with making a claim for compensation. Remember that you are owed restitution if you were hurt because of poorly maintained or designed rides.

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