We are proud to announce that Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is the main Title Sponsor of the5th Annual Edinburgh Cyclocross Challenge, an event we have sponsored all five years of its existence.

The event takes place October 7th and 8th at Highlander Park in Dunedin and is open to riders of all ages.

Cyclocross is a fall and winter cycling sport where riders need to traverse a wide range of terrain, including dirt, pavement, gravel, sand, cobblestones, stairs, etc. This sport combines skills used in all types of cycling events from mountain bike racing to cross-country cycling and everything in between, though unlike those sports, competitors can expect to dismount and carry their bike to better traverse the terrain at points.

Attorneys Mark Roman and Morgan Gaynor are both avid cyclists, and proudly lend their support to the “Share the Road” movement.Cyclists face considerable danger on the road from careless, distracted, and even downright aggressive drivers unwilling to share the road. Sponsoring events like the Cyclocross Challenge combines their love of cycling with the chance to raise awareness about bicycle safety for everyone in the area.

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