For all motorcyclists on the road, there are countless dangers of which to be aware. However, there is one type of problem that always finds its way to cause serious harm to those involved: drivers not properly checking blind spots when changing lanes.

Blind spots can create potential dangers for all vehicles, but motorcyclists are especially susceptible due to their smaller size. They are easily missed by vehicles and when changing lanes without looking in a blind spot, the motorist can cause the motorcyclist to suffer significant harm.

What Happens When a Motorcyclist Is Hit In a Blind Spot?

Sideswiping accidents are common when changing lanes without paying attention. However, when a motorcyclist is the one in the blind spot, a sideswipe accident can cause a catastrophic accident, with the motorcyclists either sliding on the concrete or swerving out of control and colliding with another vehicle.

It’s easy for a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike, so even the slightest contact can cause harm to those involved. If the motorcyclist falls, they can suffer head injuries or fraction burns—should they have skin exposed and suffer road rash.

Why Are Motorcyclists Vulnerable to Blind Spots?

If you don’t know what the blind spot is on a vehicle, it’s the area to the rear side of the vehicle that is difficult to see in the side view mirror. If a motorcycle is in this spot, it may be impossible for a driver to see them in the rear view or side view mirrors, requiring the driver to turn their head briefly to look for any vehicles in that area.

It’s already difficult to see a vehicle in that spot—a much smaller motorcycle can be almost impossible to see without the driver having to turn their head.

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