Before Thanksgiving, families, friends, children, and pets all travel from their hometowns to their loved ones’ houses where they gather around the dinner table to enjoy feasts and great conversation. Of course, because many people will be traveling before, during, and after the holiday, road conditions can become dangerous. To help keep you and your family safe, consider the following safety tips we have provided below:

1. Don’t Drive When You are Stuffed Like a Turkey and Sleepy.

Driving while sleepy can be extremely dangerous to you and your passenger. While you might not actually doze off, fatigue can cause loss of alertness and attention, making emergency driving maneuvers near impossible. If you feel sleepy when driving, pull over and take a brief nap, rotate drivers, or drink a caffeinated beverage before driving again. Remember, a full stomach may cause you to feel drowsy as well. So after dinner, make sure you give yourself time to digest before getting behind the wheel.

2. Wearing Your Seatbelt Can Save Your Giblets.

Many people grow restless and uncomfortable on long drives. To alleviate these feelings, many people will remove their seatbelts or wear them improperly. In the course of an accident, a person not wearing their seatbelt correctly or at all can suffer far worse injuries than a person wearing theirs appropriately. If you or a family member becomes extremely uncomfortable on a car ride, pull off the road and into a safe area where everyone can stretch their bodies before continuing the journey.

3. Make Sure Your Car’s Condition is Gravy

Before planning a long drive, check to make sure every part of your vehicle is working properly or has been serviced correctly. Worn tires, broken or damaged windshield wipers, and faulty brakes can all cause serious and fatal car accidents. To keep your family safe, take your car to the appropriate dealership maintenance center or an experienced auto shop to have your vehicle inspected closely.

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