Do I Need a Lawyer After a Hit and Run Accident in New Port Richey?

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Hit and Run Accident in New Port Richey?

Hit and run accidents are upsetting events that can also involve serious injuries. When another driver fails to take responsibility for an accident, victims are left to struggle with medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. Hiring a New Port Richey hit and run accident lawyer can be a critical step in finding justice and being compensated for your damages. 

A hit and run accident is unique to other car accident claims because the responsible driver must be located as quickly as possible. An experienced New Port Richey hit and run accident attorney will know how to gather evidence and work with law enforcement to get your case on track. Doing the extra work can mean the difference between no payment and a total financial recovery in New Port Richey, FL. 

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How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Hit and Run Accident in New Port Richey 

How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Hit and Run Accident in New Port Richey 

To succeed in a personal injury claim and get the financial compensation you deserve, you will need to prove certain key points. First, you need to identify the responsible driver. A New Port Richey car accident attorney with experience in hit and run car accidents will know how to review evidence and locate the at-fault driver whenever possible. 

Our New Port Richey personal injury lawyers will also take other steps to advance your case, such as: 

  • Investigating the facts and circumstances of the accident. 
  • Working with local law enforcement to find the responsible driver. 
  • Locating other drivers or parties that might share blame for the crash. 
  • Explaining your legal options and providing critical guidance. 
  • Negotiating with insurance companies as part of the claims process
  • Hiring experts that can support your claim, including medical experts, forensics experts, and accident reconstruction specialists. 
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf and pursuing your case at every stage, including a trial. 

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What Is a Hit and Run Accident? 

A hit and run accident is a motor vehicle crash where one driver leaves and fails to remain at the scene of the crash. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal in Florida, and can lead to criminal charges. 

In addition to criminal consequences for the at-fault driver, leaving an accident creates problems for those left behind. The injured driver can not get contact information from the hit-and-run driver, and police are not able to interview both drivers in the accident at the scene. This can delay the insurance claims process and a personal injury lawsuit. 

Some reasons a driver might flee after an accident include: 

  • Drunk driving, or driving under the influence of drugs
  • Lack of insurance 
  • Lack of identification or a valid driver’s license
  • Immigration status 
  • Fear of arrest 
  • Panic 

Regardless of the reason, there is no valid excuse for leaving the accident scene before the police arrive. 

What Should I Do After a Hit and Run Accident? 

Immediately after a hit and run accident, you will be shaken up and unsure what to do. After all, it is a chaotic situation that gets worse when another person flees the scene. However, the short time after a hit and run crash can be critical. 

Here are some things you can do when a hit and run crash happens: 

  • Try to get the hit and run driver’s license plate number. 
  • Write down the make and model of the driver’s car if you can. 
  • Call 911 for immediate help and relay the information you have, such as the other car’s details, so it becomes part of the 911 recording. 
  • Take note of any other facts or details as soon as you can. It might help to write down details on your smartphone via text or a note-taking app. (It is much more difficult to try to remember these facts in the days or weeks after the accident happens.) 
  • Look for witnesses to the crash and try to get their contact information, as well as any details they can provide. 
  • Take photos and video of the scene, including any landmarks, buildings, or notable features around it. 
  • Call an experienced New Port Richey car accident lawyer. 

Thanks to modern technology, video surveillance is more prevalent than ever. If your hit and run crash happened outside a business or private residence, those property owners might have had surveillance cameras capturing the incident. If the crash occurred near an intersection, the city or county might have red-light camera footage that can be helpful to your case. 

What Is Negligence and How Can a Lawyer Help Prove It?

To prove the hit and run driver was negligent under Florida law, your lawyer will seek to prove four elements: 

  1. Duty. The other driver had a duty of reasonable care to other drivers. 
  2. Breach of duty. The other driver failed to exercise their duty of care and caution to others on the road. 
  3. Causation. The other driver caused the victim’s injuries. 
  4. Damages. The victim, in fact, suffered damages as a result, such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs. 

Experienced Florida car accident lawyers will have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to pursue your claim from start to finish. In a hit and run accident when many facts are uncertain at first, lawyers can help clear the confusion and obtain the compensation you need. 

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