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Reimbursement Claims Can Tie Personal Injury Settlements in Knots

Most people who make personal injury claims think their case is over when they reach a settlement or a jury returns a verdict. That remains true in some cases. Unfortunately, other cases remain complicated even after the primary claim is resolved. That’s because injured people must sometimes contend with health insurers, providers of employee benefits,… read more

Florida Court Limits Discovery of Facebook Postings

Social media has exploded in popularity in the last decade. Many people enjoy using sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family. At the same time, use of social media has raised some serious concerns about privacy. Media reports tell us that people venting about their jobs on social media… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Partners With Dunedin High School Falcons Baseball As Sponsor

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring Dunedin High School’s baseball team! Our firm is passionate about our local community, and this is just one more way for us to get involved. When Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers learned that the Dunedin Falcons had to cut their budget… read more

The Incredible Vanishing Court Order: Insurance Company Settlement Manipulation

By: Morgan Gaynor I recently heard from a fellow lawyer in Tampa who had won a homeowner’s insurance case. The insurance company had denied coverage to his client, but a judge ruled that the claim was covered. The insurance company then wanted to settle the claim. That sounds straightforward enough, but there was a huge… read more

Lawsuit Against Allstate Demonstrates That Insurance Companies Can’t Get Away with Unpaid Medical Bills

Last June, a woman from Hollywood, Florida successfully filed a lawsuit against Allstate Insurance for unpaid medical expenses. This car accident case went to trial where a jury eventually agreed to award the plaintiff $1.29 million to cover her medical bills. The plaintiff, 56, possessed a UM/UIM policy that provided coverage in the event that… read more

Be Careful What You Wish For: Defense Industry Rule for Expert Testimony May Backfire

For years, the insurance industry complained about “junk science” in Florida’s courtrooms. According to its lobbyists, juries were reaching large verdicts because they were duped by expert witnesses using dubious science to testify for injured people. Whether that was ever true is highly debatable at best. Nonetheless, the insurance industry got what it wanted this… read more

Bizarre New York Case Illustrates “Sudden Emergency” Defense

An unusual and terribly unfortunate auto accident case from New York has recently garnered a lot of media attention. But there is a legal point to the case which is important everywhere, including Florida. The New York case began when a young woman from Manhattan was driving her friends from the Jersey Shore back toward the New… read more

Morgan Gaynor Joins Pasco County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Morgan Gaynor, a partner at Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, has just joined the Pasco County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Morgan is now a voting member of this committee oriented toward addressing bicyclist and pedestrian safety issues in Pasco County. The Pasco County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee sits under the umbrella of the Pasco County… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Teams Up With Gearlink Racing

As avid cyclists, the attorneys and staff of Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers are always looking for new ways to spread the “Share the Road” message and promote bicyclist safety. We are proud to announce that our newest effort in this arena – our sponsorship of the Gearlink Racing Team. Gearlink Racing will now be… read more

We’ll Pay if You Keep Quiet About It: The Problem of Secret Settlements

In general, papers filed in a lawsuit are public record. Anyone who wants to look at a court file can go to a courthouse and do so. One can read through the files and see all the motions, notices, and court rulings in a case as it winds it way through the judicial system. Settlements… read more