Commute on Two Wheels for National Bike to Work Week

This year’s National Bike to Work Week is May 11th through 15th. While this week-long nationwide event has existed since 1956, it has gotten greater attention in the last several years as more Americans have turned to bike commuting. The benefits of riding rather than driving are obvious. Just a few are: (1) saving the… read more

How to Choose the Right Day Care Facility

Choosing a daycare facility for your child is a huge decision for a parent. We all know every parent wants the best for the child, and it can be hard to be apart from them for such a long period of time. You have been with your child since day one, and you will want… read more

You Should Consider Buying Umbrella Insurance

Most people realize it’s important to have insurance for their home, their car, and other essentials. They will often buy a homeowners policy, auto policy, or other policy and assume it will cover them for anything. Standard policies do indeed cover many unfortunate events or liabilities. Unfortunately, they may not provide complete protection in the… read more

AAA Study Shows Your Teen’s Friends May Be More Dangerous Than Your Teen’s Phone

Our firm has posted numerous messages on social media about the dangers of texting and driving. There is no question about those dangers, and parents of teenage drivers should be particularly concerned about them. However, a new study issued by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety reminds us that cell phones are not the only things… read more

National Bike Month Is Approaching! Are Florida Cyclists Protected?

March is Florida Bike Month, and National Bike Month is celebrated every May, which is just around the corner. In our state, the mass expanse of the land and highways running through it make it a region where the car reigns supreme. The state’s car culture is alive and well, and this is evidence by… read more

Injured in an Orlando Theme Park? Getting Compensation for Amusement Park Injuries

Florida is a premier destination spot in the United States because it is home to some of the most popular theme parks, such as Universal Studios and Disney World. Land is abundant in Florida, and there is plenty of space for parks to expand not only in the size of their parks, but also thrill… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is Grand Slam Sponsor for Dunedin Falcons Baseball Team

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to announce that our firm is a Grand Slam Sponsor for the 2015 Dunedin Falcons Baseball team of Dunedin High School. As part of the “Grand Slam Club,” we join nine other sponsors to offer the team the highest level of commitment and support. After beating East Lake… read more

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in severe weather is tricky. One of the most common (and potentially dangerous) weather conditions is rain. Rain and wet weather give many drivers anxiety, and rightfully so: rain causes more than 700,000 car accidents in the United States ever year. While this statistic may be frightening, driving in wet weather conditions doesn’t have… read more

Please Support Florida Bill to Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists

There is good news for Florida bicyclists, pedestrians, and others who share the road with motor vehicles. A bill to protect “vulnerable users” on our roads is under consideration in the Florida legislature. If it passes, motorists who commit traffic infractions and injure others will face enhanced fines and penalties, including license suspension in some… read more

Anti-Vaccine Debate Illustrates Misuse of Expert Testimony

Americans were alarmed to hear that there was an outbreak of measles at Disneyland in California recently. Health officials are attributing the outbreak, at least in part, to relatively low vaccination rates among some groups of children. Even 2016 presidential candidates are now being asked for their views on whether vaccination for children should be… read more