Tampa Car Accident Liability

Even though Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, there could be instances where another driver is liable for damages caused by a car accident. If a driver is liable for your crash, you could be entitled to compensation for damages. However, you have the burden of proving liability for a Tampa, Florida, car accident.

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How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Determine Liability After a Tampa Car Accident 

How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Determine Liability After a Tampa Car Accident 

Determining Tampa’s car accident liability can be challenging after a car accident. Our personal injury lawyers at Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers can help. When you hire us to handle your car accident case, we can:

  • Conduct an independent investigation to determine how your car accident happened
  • Analyze the evidence to identify the party who caused the crash
  • Hire accident reconstructionists and other experts to assist with the investigation as necessary
  • Determine who is liable for your car accident and file the appropriate claims
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for the full value of your damages
  • File a lawsuit and take the case to trial, if necessary

Our Tampa car accident attorneys at Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers have substantial experience handling car accident cases. Therefore, we understand Florida insurance laws and personal injury laws as they relate to liability for a car accident. We can help you sort out the details of your car crash to determine your options for recovering compensation for your damages. 

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What Is Liability for a Tampa Car Accident?

Liability is being held legally responsible for something. In a car accident case, liability means a party is financially responsible for the other party’s damages.

Damages in a car accident case can include economic damages, like medical bills and lost wages. However, it also includes a person’s pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.

Tampa Car Accident Liability – Steps To Protect Your Rights

Are you concerned about protecting your right to file a claim against another driver? If so, you need to take steps after a car accident to preserve evidence and help prove liability. Steps you can take include:

  • Call 911 to report the crash so a police officer can investigate and file a crash report
  • Do not apologize for the accident or admit fault
  • Take photographs and make a video of the vehicles and the accident scene
  • Take photographs of other evidence, such as skid marks, road debris, damage to other property, and more.
  • Ask anyone who witnessed the accident for their name and number
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries 
  • Give a brief statement to the officer about how the accident occurred, but do not answer questions he does not ask or offer information about what you were doing before the collision

As soon as possible, contact our Tampa car accident attorneys. We can help you take additional steps to build a liability case.

Proving Negligence To Establish Tampa Car Accident Liability

You must generally prove negligence to establish liability for a car crash. The elements of a negligence claim include:

In short, you must prove the other driver owed you a duty of care and breached that duty. Then, you must prove the breach of duty caused the car accident. Finally, you need evidence proving you sustained damages and harm because of the car crash.

If the insurance company or other driver claims you are partially to blame, Florida’s comparative fault laws could apply to your case. If you are partially at fault, you are liable for a portion of the damages. 

Your liability equals your percentage of fault. Therefore, if you are 10% to blame for the crash, your damages may be reduced by 10%. 

Recovering Compensation for Car Accident Damages

If you prove the other driver is liable for your damages, you should receive compensation from the driver’s liability insurance company. Drivers who do not have liability insurance to pay a claim can be held personally liable if you sue them and receive a judgment. 

Unfortunately, proving liability does not guarantee payment. Insurance companies routinely fight claims that are clearly their liability to avoid paying settlements. If you sue the driver and go to trial, you cannot be sure what a jury might decide, even if your evidence proving liability is convincing.

The best step to take is to seek legal advice from a lawyer. An attorney can help you decide the best legal option for receiving money for your claim. Then, the lawyer handles all the legal matters to pursue a claim for Tampa car accident liability. 

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