U-Turn Car Accidents in Tampa, FL

U-turn car accidents in Tampa, Florida occur at intersections, on highways, and on rural roads. Unfortunately, when drivers execute U-turns, they may do so under dangerous conditions. The result is side-wipe accidents and head-on collisions. 

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Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover Fair Compensation for U-Turn Car Crash Injuries

Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Help You Recover Fair Compensation for U-Turn Car Crash Injuries

Motorists have a duty of care to avoid actions that could cause car crashes. Our accident attorneys help hold negligent drivers financially liable for the pain, suffering, and financial damages they cause.

Proving the other driver was responsible for causing the crash can be challenging, especially when you are recovering from accident injuries. Fortunately, you can have a legal team to fight the insurance company for you.

When you hire our Tampa personal injury lawyers to handle your case, you can expect us to:

  • Gather evidence by completing a thorough accident investigation
  • Verify insurance coverage and file insurance claims
  • Document damages and calculate the value of your case
  • Work with expert witnesses as necessary to gather additional evidence to build your case
  • Negotiate for the top settlement amounts available for your claim
  • Prepare to argue the case in court if the other parties refuse to negotiate a fair settlement

If a driver caused a U-turn accident that resulted in your injuries, we are here to help. Call Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers now for a case review – your initial consultation is completely free.

When Can You Legally Make a U-Turn in Tampa?

A U-turn occurs when a driver turns the vehicle in a “U” shape to head in the opposite direction. 

Florida Statute §316.1515 allows U-turns under three conditions:

  • The U-turn can be made safely
  • There are no traffic signs prohibiting U-turns
  • The U-turn does not interfere with other traffic

You can be charged with a moving violation if you violate Florida’s traffic laws regarding U-turns. 

Determining Fault for a U-Turn Accident in Tampa 

The driver who did not have the right of way is generally at -fault for a U-turn accident. For example, if you make a U-turn on a green arrow from the turn lane at an intersection (without a sign prohibiting U-turns), the people in the crossing lane with a red light should wait until you complete the turn before a turn right on red maneuver.

Most drivers have the right of way at a green light. However, the law requires that the U-turn can be made safely. Therefore, if you make a U-turn at a traffic signal without sufficient clearance from oncoming traffic to complete the U-turn, you could be at fault for the U-turn accident. 

If you are driving through a pedestrian crossing while making a U-turn at a traffic signal, the pedestrian generally has the right of way. Therefore, you must yield to the pedestrian crossing the street.

It can be difficult to determine fault when a driver turned in front of another vehicle. However, Florida traffic laws require all drivers to make a reasonable effort to avoid accidents. Therefore, our legal team investigates each factor that led to the cause of your U-turn crash to determine the level of fault for each driver involved in the collision. 

What Happens When Both Drivers Are at Fault for a U-Turn Accident?

Florida’s modified comparative fault law bases compensation for damages on the accident victim’s level of fault. If you’re 50% or less at fault, you can recover compensation, but it’ll be reduced to account for your share of blame. If your level of fault exceeds 50%, you’ll be unable to seek a financial recovery.

For example, if the other driver turned in front of you without the right of way, that driver may be entirely responsible for the cause of the crash. If so, you are entitled to recover 100 percent of your damages.

However, if you made a U-turn on a green light without sufficient clearance to complete the turn, you could be partially at fault if another driver crashes into you. You both had the green light, but you turned left in front of the driver. 

A jury would determine the percentage of fault for each driver. Your compensation would be adjusted based on your level of fault — and prevented if it exceeds 50%.

Compensation for Damages Caused by U-Turn Accidents

If another driver caused serious injuries because of an illegal U-turn, that driver could be financially responsible for the accident victim’s damages.

Damages for an accident claim generally include compensation for:

The value of your claim depends on the severity of your injuries and other factors. One of our Tampa U-turn accident lawyers can discuss how much your injury case is worth, the deadline for filing a U-turn accident claim, and other issues related to your case during a free case evaluation. 

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