Settlement For a Distracted Driver Accident Case, Leading to Soft Tissue Injury

A distracted driver took their foot off the brake at a stop light, rolled forward and struck our client from behind. After treatment for soft tissue injuries. The initial settlement offer from the insurance company was $45,000. The case settled for $110,000.


Fair Settlement Reached for Woman Rear-Ended, Sustaining Spinal Injuries

A 63-year-old woman was at a red light when she was struck from behind without warning. She suffered soft tissue injuries to her spine. The careless driver had only $10,000 of liability insurance.  Our client’s uninsured motorist carrier offered less than $20,000, the firm filed a Civil Remedy Notice with the department of financial services for making such a low offer. The case then settled for policy limits of $110,000.


Recovered for a Client After a T-Bone Collision

Our client was involved a severe impact T-bone type collision where the other party was found to be at fault for violating his right of way. The impact to the client’s vehicle propelled his vehicle off the road and into a utility pole before coming to a complete stop.  The client sustained spinal injuries as a result of this impact. The at-fault party’s insurance did not wish to pay their policy limits, but instead offered $31,000 to settle the case. The team at Roman Austin did not let the carrier get away with such a low ball offer, and filed a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Within weeks of serving the at-fault party, the insurance company paid the full policy limits on the case.


Red Light Collision: Client Injured in T-Bone Crash Receives Full Policy Limit Settlement

The client was involved in a significant crash when she was T-boned by a driver that ran a red light. She suffered neck and back injuries but the main complaint was shoulder pain. After exhausting conservative options she ultimately decided to undergo surgery to the shoulder. In addition to the medical damages she also suffered lost wages. After filing a law suit and going through discovery we were able to obtain the full policy limits in this case.


Auto Accident Resulting In Ruptured Bicep Tendon

An accident caused by careless driving left our client with a ruptured bicep tendon which required surgery. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to secure there client the $100,000 policy limit after settlement.


Failure To Yield Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s client was a passenger in her husbands car when it was struck by a driver who neglected to properly yield. She sustained neck injury in this accident and Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers secured $100,000 policy limit promptly.


Neck And Back Injuries Resulting From Car Accident Result In $100,000 Settlement

Due to an automobile accident, the client injured his neck and back. Settlement was reached with the at fault party for $100,000.


Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender.

After a serious accident involving Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s client being rear-ended, they were able to reach full recompense of the $100,000 policy limit promptly for their client.


Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Settlement

On the drive home from a Spring Break family vacation on US Route1, a father was slowing down attempting to make a right turn. There were two cars following him at the time. The car immediately behind him slowed and maintained a safe distance. Unfortunately another driver did not, violently pushing the middle vehicle into the families’ 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. He was treated several days later with a group of physicians. The MRI findings concluded he had a permanent injury to his lumbar spine. He underwent a series of injections and RFA’s and ultimately had a trial spinal cord stimulator implant. The defendant’s insurance company settled for $100,000.


Auto collision resulting in back injury

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle crash resulting in multiple soft tissue injuries when another driver turned left into his path. We made a demand upon the other driver’s insurance carrier for his policy limits but they were refusing to tender the limits. So we filed a lawsuit. During the lawsuit we served a Proposal for Settlement for the policy limits and the insurance company accepted and paid the limits of $100,000.00.