Florida HB 657: Enforcement of School Zone Speed Limits 

Whether you are distracted by your phone or rushing to get to work, speeding through a school zone can have catastrophic consequences. You may be pulled over for speeding and receive a citation. You could injure a student or teacher trying to cross the street. You could even hurt yourself in a collision with a… read more

Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone

Certain accidents and events can cause extensive trauma to the body. A broken tailbone is one of the numerous types of injuries you could experience. Damage to the tailbone is less common, so you may be unaware of your injury. Therefore, it’s helpful to know what signs and symptoms to look out for to get… read more

What You Should Know About GEICO Insurance Claims

GEICO Insurance Company is one of the largest insurers to provide automobile insurance in the United States. Therefore, even if you don’t have GEICO as your car insurance company, there is a good chance you might have to file a claim with GEICO because they are another driver’s provider.  The process of filing a car… read more

At What Age Can Kids Sit in the Front Seat of a Car in Florida?

As a parent, you want to protect your children. However, 607 child passengers aged 12 and younger died, and 63,000 were injured in car accidents in 2020. Placing your child in a proper child restraint system can help save their life. Part of this process is knowing where your child should be seated in your… read more

How Long Do I Have To File a Car Accident Claim in Florida?

It is important that you understand how long you have to file a Florida personal injury or wrongful death claim. If you miss the deadline, you could end up with no compensation. There are several deadlines that you need to be aware of. Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance System Florida administers a no-fault auto insurance system…. read more

The Most Common Bike Accident Injuries

Bicycles provide an excellent way to commute and get the heart rate going while enjoying the weather. For this reason, bike riding is popular, with countless cyclists taking to the streets every single day. While drivers have a duty to respect bicyclists and share the road, that’s not always the case, resulting in serious accidents…. read more

Justice for Maria Garcia – A Rare Big Win Against The Government

One of the most difficult and frustrating cases injury attorneys encounter involves “sovereign immunity” claims. These are matters where clients are seriously injured or die, as a result of a government agency or its employee’s negligence. Unlike a typical Florida motor vehicle collision, where the victim’s losses are fully compensable by the at-fault driver, an… read more

New Law on Florida’s E-Bikes

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are a popular way to get around in Florida. E-bikes are used by locals and visitors alike and are widely available for easy rental in many popular vacation cities.  E-bikes are a relatively new transportation development, so laws and regulations around their use are still under development. Anyone who takes to… read more

New Florida Motorcycle Safety Legislation

Florida passed a law in 2023 directed to motorcycle safety education. This law shifts a fee collected from motorcycle owners to an education program operated by private non-profits rather than the state. Reasonable minds differ about whether this change will improve motorcycle safety. The bill’s supporters believe private organizations can create a more effective program… read more

Can You Sue for Emotional Distress in Florida?

Damages in a personal injury case are the remedy given to the injured party. Since the court cannot undo the injury, providing monetary compensation for the losses and harm is the most reasonable option.  An injured party can seek reimbursement for economic damages or financial losses. They can also seek compensation for non-economic damages, which… read more