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What to Do After an Electric Bike Accident in Clearwater, FL

A bicycle accident can cause physical and mental trauma. After a manual or electric bike accident, you could face injuries ranging from road rash to paralysis. The steps you take after an e-bike accident could determine your right to recover compensation for your injuries. Yet most bike riders do not know what to do after… read more

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Sloth in Florida?

Florida wildlife law divides non-domestic animals into three classes. Florida prohibits individuals from owning and possessing Class I animals as pets. But the state allows people to have Class II and III animals as pets. Sloths fall into Class III. As long as you obtain a license, you can own and possess a sloth in… read more

What You Need to Know About Valsartan Lawsuits

Valsartan is a popular prescription drug used to manage high blood pressure. It’s also known by its brand name, Diovan. A clear link has been discovered between Valsartan use and cancer in recent years.  If you were prescribed Valsartan between 2015 and 2019, you might be eligible for compensation through a Valsartan lawsuit. Why Is… read more

What You Need to Know About Florida e-Bike Laws

Florida laws regarding e-bikes changed in July 2020. Prior to the change, Florida law classified e-bikes along with manual pedaling bicycles, giving riders of e-bikes the same responsibilities and rights as regular bike riders.  Now, under Florida HB 971, e-bikes are placed in their own classification. Understanding which classification your e-bike falls into can help… read more

Trucking Regulations 2022: Everything You Need To Know

The trucking industry is responsible for moving billions of dollars of goods throughout the country each year. Because commercial trucking is a large industry and involves interstate commerce, there are many federal regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow. Many trucking regulations are safety laws designed to reduce the number of large truck… read more

Should You Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Clearwater?

Every state has its own workers’ compensation system, and Florida is no exception. If you work in Clearwater, you might find yourself with a workers’ compensation claim after an injury or an occupational illness. Should you hire a lawyer to represent you in the hopes of securing a better deal? The answer is usually “yes”… read more

What Is CTE?

CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a degenerative brain disease that results from repeated brain injuries. You may have heard about CTE in the context of football players who suffer repeated concussions. But anyone can suffer from CTE if they have experienced more than one brain injury — regardless of how these personal injuries… read more

Are You Legally Required to Tell Someone You Have Herpes in Florida?

You may be legally required to tell someone you have herpes under Florida law. However, your legal obligation to tell another person you have herpes depends on several specific factors.  The consequences of failing to inform a partner that you have herpes include potential criminal charges and a civil lawsuit for damages.  What is Herpes?… read more

Do You Qualify to Sue for Wrongful Death?

Losing a loved one is painful, especially when the death is unexpected or traumatic. It’s even worse when it could have been avoided altogether. If someone’s negligence caused the death, it’s normal for the family to want to hold them accountable. Wrongful death claims allow a grieving family to do that. These lawsuits force negligent… read more

If Airbags Did Not Deploy in a Clearwater, FL, Car Accident, Is the Car Company Liable?

Airbags are intended to prevent serious and fatal car accident injuries. However, airbags may not deploy during every car accident.  Airbags are meant to be an effective, life-saving device. When airbags fail because of defective design or manufacturing, serious or fatal injuries may occur. If your airbag fails to deploy during a car accident, you… read more