5 Ways To Ensure Swimming Pool Safety in New Port Richey

Almost 30% of all drowning incidents among children between the ages of 5 and 14 occur in swimming pools. Although children are most at risk, anyone is in danger of drowning. In the United States, there are an average of 22 nonfatal drownings a day.  Even nonfatal drowning can severely affect the victim’s health, potentially… read more

5 Leading Causes of House Fires

House fires are among the most horrific and devastating occurrences one can experience. In one fell swoop, much of their worldly possessions, and even loved ones, can be lost forever. Even if everyone involved survives, anyone could experience significant burn injuries that leave them out of commission for a while or even permanently disabled. Fortunately,… read more

South Florida Worker Fatally Injured in Home Depot Accident

Cyrenus Leroy Amon, a 47-year old man from Interlachen, sustained fatal injuries in an accident during a delivery to a Home Depot location in Tampa, FL. According to reports, Amon was delivering drywall to the back of the store when he was struck by the load.  Mr. Amon’s family is now left to pick up… read more

What’s the Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents?

The National Safety Council revealed that every second, someone in the US is injured from a preventable event, like a car crash, accidental poisoning, or fall. Reports of slips, trips, and falls have risen sharply over the last couple of decades and are now the leading cause of preventable injuries. With so many slip, trip,… read more

Negligent Security & Premises Liability

Under premises liability laws, property owners are legally obligated to ensure visitors and guests are kept safe from preventable harm. Specifically, they have a duty to take reasonable steps in addressing potential hazards and ensuring dangerous conditions they knew or should have known about don’t cause harm to innocent victims. These laws can apply to… read more

Balcony Collapse Tragedy Shows Limits Of Landlord Safety Rules

On June 16, six people were killed near San Francisco when an apartment balcony they were gathered on collapsed. The collapse caused them to fall four stories to a sidewalk below. Four were killed instantly, and two more died at the hospital from their injuries. Seven more people were injured. The tragedy was national news… read more