House fires are among the most horrific and devastating occurrences one can experience. In one fell swoop, much of their worldly possessions, and even loved ones, can be lost forever. Even if everyone involved survives, anyone could experience significant burn injuries that leave them out of commission for a while or even permanently disabled.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help avoid a fire in your home. One of which is gaining an understanding of some of the major causes of fires and taking measures to prevent such circumstances from ever manifesting.

With that said, five of the leading causes of house fires are as follows:

1. Stove and Oven Use

Stoves and ovens are capable of generating incredibly high levels of heat, which is what makes kitchens such common places for fires to start. In most cases, however, that capacity to produce heat is not what directly causes fires in the first place. 

Instead, they are typically the result of negligent cooking practices, such as:

  • Unattended burners
  • Letting food cook too long
  • Forgetting about food on the stove or in the oven
  • Faulty stoves or ovens
  • Unmaintained grease traps
  • Ducting and oven hoods
  • Lack of a fire extinguisher
  • The use of water to put out grease fires

Failure to follow recipes and letting young children cook are also behaviors that most often lead to kitchen fires. 

2. Heating 

Most furnaces and other installed heating appliances rarely lead to fires these days. Instead, in most cases, fires related to house heating are typically caused by space heaters. As they can be plugged in almost anywhere, people often unknowingly plug them in too close to flammable material and objects, such as blankets, drapes, and articles of clothing.

3. Electrical Issues

Faulty and damaged wiring are major causes of house fires. Though negligent electrical contractors are sometimes to blame, DIY homeowners also cause their fair share of electrical fires by tampering with systems without the proper knowledge and necessary experience. A quick electrical inspection can determine whether you have adequate wiring in your home. 

The improper use of extension cords also leads to numerous house fires each year. People tend to overload them far past their capacity, causing them to quickly heat up and cause fires. 

Take space heaters as an example once again. They really should never be plugged into extension cords, but people do so regularly, which ends up overloading the outlets to the point of fire. 

4. Smoking

Despite many years of public health campaigns, smoking continues to occur at relatively high rates throughout the country, with many smokers lighting up at home to avoid interfering with public regulations.

In addition to the health problems that arise, smoking indoors also puts houses at risk of catching fire. Unattended cigarettes and smoking in bed, especially, are the principal actions that lead to fires ignited by smoking.

5. Candles

Anytime there is an open flame in a house, the danger of fire increases significantly. Though various measures are in place to make sure candles are safe, negligence renders those efforts effectively useless.

If you’re astutely mindful of where you place your candles, that can help immensely in preventing a house fire. But if you also leave that well-placed candle in a part of the house that’s accessible by pets and young children, the chances of a fire occurring swell right back up.

Recovering Compensation After a House Fire

If you have been in a fire and have sustained significant losses, you may be eligible to pursue compensation through a settlement or verdict, depending on the circumstances of the fire. Whether a product manufacturer or a property owner is to blame for the fire, a personal injury lawyer can help you recover economic and non-economic damages for your losses.

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