Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Problem Of Pedestrian Collisions

Cases where cars hit pedestrians or bicyclists are often the most serious cases we handle. While car-to-car collisions can, and do, produce injuries, cars hitting pedestrians often cause even greater injuries. The mismatch is obvious when a human body is struck by a metal box weighing several thousand pounds. That’s bad enough, but there is… read more

Anti-Protest Bill May Spell Trouble for Pedestrian Cases

The last few months have seen large protests in response to the presidential election and other events. In response, several state legislatures are now considering bills to prohibit obstructing traffic during protests. One of those bills has been introduced in Florida by Senator George Gainer, a lawmaker from Panama City. Gainer’s bill would make it… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Secures $335,000 Jury Verdict for Injured Pedestrian

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce that our legal team was recently successful in securing a $335,000 jury verdict on behalf of a client who was injured in a pedestrian accident. The verdict was reached on January 26th in Pinellas County Circuit Court. The case stemmed from an incident that took place… read more

Five Ways to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people on our roadways. Because there’s little to protect them from passenger or commercial vehicles, pedestrian accidents often result in fatalities and catastrophic injuries. Because of these risks, it is important for motorists and pedestrians alike to do their part in being vigilant and safely sharing the road. Driver… read more

Back to School Safety Month: Make Safety a Priority

Summer is coming to end and kids across the country are returning, or preparing their return, to the classroom. The month of August is also Back-to-School Safety Month! If your child is going back to school, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers would like to remind you about the importance of making safety a top item… read more

Back to School Safety Tips for Children Who Walk to School

With the school year approaching quickly, many families are getting ready to wave their children off to their first day of school. While many children are taken to school by family members or by bus, other students walk to and from school. While this can be a healthy, daily form of exercise, it can be… read more

Texting While Walking is More Dangerous than You Think

Everyone multitasks, but juggling certain activities may be more dangerous than you might think. A recent study showed that texting while walking can lead to serious injuries and is responsible for a startling volume of accidents in the United States. While most texting-while-waking injuries are minor (stubbed toes, tripping over boxes, etc.), others lead to… read more

Florida Will Fund Coast To Coast Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail

There is great news coming out of Tallahassee for pedestrians and bicyclists. Our state Department of Transportation will be spending about $16 million over the next several years to create a continuous pedestrian trail from the west to east coast of Florida. This trail, known as the Coast to Coast Connector, will fill in the… read more

Central Florida Still Dead Last for Pedestrian Deaths

In past posts, I’ve mentioned the dismal safety record of the area for bicyclists and pedestrians. Those posts have usually discussed statistics which are generated one year at a time. Unfortunately, things don’t look any better when multiple years are included in the data. A recent study titled Dangerous By Design 2014 (published by by… read more