Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce that our legal team was recently successful in securing a $335,000 jury verdict on behalf of a client who was injured in a pedestrian accident. The verdict was reached on January 26th in Pinellas County Circuit Court.

The case stemmed from an incident that took place in a parking lot, where our client had been standing by her vehicle when she was struck by an elderly driver. After initially striking our client, the driver then pinned her against her own vehicle. Although there was no property damage to the vehicles due to the low-speed parking lot crash, our client suffered injuries that later required spinal surgery for her lower back.

After helping our client secure the necessary medical treatment, the other driver’s insurance company aggressively defended against the claim. According to the insurer, it was argued that the injury was pre-existing, and that the spinal degeneration was not caused by the parking lot collision. The insurance company also argued that the incident was merely a “bump,” and that our client was comparatively at fault, meaning that they argued she contributed to the accident.

After the insurance company refused to compensate our client for what she was rightfully owed, our legal team took the case to trial. After four days of litigation in Pinellas County Court, the six-member jury sided with our evidence and presentation of the facts, and awarded our client a $335,000 verdict, which will help provide the compensation needed to pay for her medical treatment, emotional injuries, and recovery, among other damages.

Results like these are attainable when victims work with experienced personal injury lawyers who are capable leveling the playing field with insurers who put profits over people, aggressively defend against claims and payouts, and refuse to pay victims what they deserve. It also speaks volumes about the benefits of working with proven trial lawyers who are not afraid to take a case to trial – and win.

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is a top rated personal injury law firm that has helped numerous injured victims throughout Clearwater, Pinellas County, Pasco County, and beyond. Over the years, the Board Certified Civil Trial Law Specialist, Attorney Mark Roman have leveraged their expertise in civil litigation and their decades of combined experience to recover millions of dollars in compensation for the injured and the wronged.

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