With the school year approaching quickly, many families are getting ready to wave their children off to their first day of school. While many children are taken to school by family members or by bus, other students walk to and from school. While this can be a healthy, daily form of exercise, it can be dangerous if children do not practice safe habits while traveling to and from school.

In fact, according to a study conducted by SafeKids.Org, 61 children are hit by passenger vehicles every day in the U.S. Most of these accidents occur during the hours after and before school, and the rates of such accidents peak in September, which is the first month of the school year. Because our Clearwater personal injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting the youth of our area, our legal team has provided some safety tips to protect your children as they walk to and from school:

1. Teach Your Child to Travel in Groups

When a child walks with a larger group, they will be more noticeable to drivers on the roads. In addition, traveling in a group ensures that your child arrives and leaves their destinations safely.

2. Make Sure Your Child Does Not Text While Walking

When a child is looking down at their mobile device, they are not able to see where they are walking or the vehicles around them. For this reason, children walking to and from school should be sure to look out for oncoming vehicles.

3. Teach Your Child Not to Wear Headphones While Walking

It is important for children to hear the sounds around them as they travel next to or across roads. Parents should be sure to instruct children to wait to wear headphones until they have arrived at their destination.

4. Be Sure That Your Child Understands All Street Signs and Crosswalk Signals

While most crosswalk and street signs seem self-explanatory, they may not be to younger children. As a result, parents should be sure that their children understand each sign so they can travel to and from school safely.

5. Ensure Your Child Does Not Walk During Dark Hours of the Day

Undoubtedly, pedestrians are much less visible during darker hours of the night or morning, especially young children who are much smaller than adults. For this reason, children should only walk during well-lit hours of the day.

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