Busch Gardens is a favorite destination for Tampa Bay locals and visitors. It’s part zoo, part theme park, and it promises an enjoyable way to spend your day in Florida. Unless you get injured, that is. 

If you’re harmed while visiting Busch Gardens, you’re probably wondering who should be responsible for your injuries, expenses, and other harm. If your injury occurred because the park owner or one of their employees was negligent, then Busch Gardens may be the responsible party. 

Our Tampa personal injury lawyers will help you hold the appropriate party responsible and seek compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation regarding your case with a member of our legal team. 

How Might Injuries Occur at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay?

If you were harmed at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay because a park owner or employee was negligent, you can seek compensation for your injuries. A personal injury claim may arise in many ways at the park.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident is a common premises liability claim that arises when someone slips or trips on another person’s property. These accidents include slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a broken sidewalk. 

Defective Equipment

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has rides, animal exhibits, and other interactive exhibits. If the railings, rides, or any other equipment in these attractions is improperly maintained, resulting in an injury, the park may be financially liable. 

Food Poisoning 

Theme parks, including Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, have restaurants and food vendors. If you experience food poisoning after visiting the park, the park or one of its vendors could be responsible. 

Injuries Caused by Zoo Animals

Zoo animals rarely harm zoo visitors. However, if the animal enclosure fails for some reason, the park may be responsible for any injuries that occur.

Injuries in the Parking Lot

If you’re injured by another driver while entering, parking, or leaving Busch Gardens, the at-fault driver might be responsible. An experienced personal injury lawyer can determine who the responsible party is in your accident. 

What Should You Do After an Injury at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay?

Take the following steps after an injury at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to protect your physical well-being and any potential personal injury claims. 

Seek Medical Attention

Immediately scan your injuries and seek medical attention if needed. If any of your injuries require urgent attention, call 911 and ask someone else to alert park employees. 

Keep any documentation you receive regarding your medical care. 

Photograph or Record the Scene

Take photos or videos of where the accident occurred if you can. You should also take photos of your injuries. 

Record Your Memory of the Accident

Memories fade or become distorted quickly after an accident. Write down or make an audio recording of your memory of the accident as soon as you can. This could be crucial to your potential personal injury case. 

Collect the Contact Information of Witnesses

Gather the names and contact information of any witnesses. Your attorney can contact them later for a statement or to see if they took any photos of the accident. 

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for a Free Case Review

If you were injured while visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, there’s a chance the park is responsible for your injuries. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will identify the at-fault parties and help you pursue any potential compensation.

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