Will We Finally Be Free of Florida’s No-Fault Law?

Here we go again. Legislation to eliminate PIP (personal injury protection) benefits is being taken up in the Florida legislature. It’s been tried before. Special interests kept it alive. It’s an antiquated and useless law that makes it harder for car crash victims to obtain justice. Twelve states and Puerto Rico have no-fault auto insurance… read more

Oklahoma jury issues huge bad faith verdict against Aetna

In early November, the family of an Oklahoma woman who had cancer received a verdict for more than $25 million against her health insurer, Aetna. The jury found that Aetna acted in bad faith in denying proton beam therapy to her as an “experimental” treatment. Proton beam therapy is a targeted form of radiation treatment… read more

Florida Court’s Ruling Points Out Flaws In Buying Online Auto Insurance

Many insurance companies now offer you the chance to buy auto insurance over the phone or through a website. Companies like Geico and Progressive have aggressively marketed these online buying systems. Geico claims one can buy insurance and save money in 15 minutes, while Progressive touts a name-your-price online buying tool. When you use these… read more

Legislative Session Shows Continuing Power Of Corporate Lobbyists

Coming into this year’s legislative session, we hoped Florida would finally ditch our outdated “no fault” auto insurance system. Several legislators wanted to change Florida to the type of fault-based insurance system used in most other states. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Insurance companies may complain about paying PIP benefits, but they love collecting… read more

Insurance Companies Are Fighting Repeal Of Florida No-Fault Auto Insurance

For years, insurance companies in Florida have been railing about fraud and abuse in our no-fault auto insurance system. Those companies complain that health care providers are overbilling patients to grab personal injury protection benefits the no-fault law provides. They also complain about outright fraud in the system. Maybe those companies never thought anyone would… read more

Florida Auto Insurance Laws May Change In A Good Way Soon

Changes in the Florida auto insurance system may happen soon, and Florida drivers may be better off for it. Last year, Florida lawmakers pondered ditching our state’s beleaguered “no-fault” auto insurance system. That system, which requires drivers to initially use their own insurance to pay for things like medical bills and lost wages, has become… read more

Your Insurance Company Calls The Shots On Claims Against You

One of our firm’s clients was in the news recently because he got a rude shock from his insurance company, Geico. He found out the hard way how insurance companies really operate. The story begins in August. At that time, Ricky Melendez was driving to work in the morning on U.S. 19. As he passed… read more

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist Auto Insurance

We would like to take a moment to tell you about a problem we encounter on a daily basis that could have a major impact on your life. The problem is the all too common occurrence of people being victimized by uninsured and under-insured drivers who use our roads. This problem is real and serious…. read more

Cut Rate Auto Insurance: You Get What You Pay For

Cut Rate Auto Insurance: You Get What You Pay For As attorneys handling auto accident cases, we spend a lot of time dealing with auto insurance companies. One of the worst things we see is clients being left high and dry by cut rate auto insurers. It’s sad but true, it seems, that you get… read more

Florida Supreme Court Invalidates Workers’ Comp Restrictions

A St. Petersburg firefighter, Bradley Westphal, won a huge legal victory for himself and other injured workers in Florida last week. The Florida Supreme Court found that a “doughnut hole” in the workers’ compensation system which deprived Westphal of benefits was unconstitutional and could not stand. Westphal was seriously injured when he lifted heavy furniture… read more