Why You Should Take a Time Stamp Photo of Your Car’s Mileage When You Drop It Off for Service

Dropping your vehicle off at a service center is something that virtually all vehicle owners are familiar with. Over the lifespan of a passenger car or truck, there are many types of necessary maintenance.  However, most people drop their cars off for service without considering the possible downsides. Consumers should be able to trust that… read more

Small & Medium Business Insurance Claims During the Pandemic

Business Owners Who Are Struggling Due to COVID-19 Could Be Able to Receive Insurance to Cover Their Losses Like many “non-essential” businesses, we’ve been asked to close our offices to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus. Though this has come as an inconvenience, we consider ourselves relatively lucky, overall. Our team has settled into a work-from-home… read more

Impeachment and the Importance of Fair Juries

Lawyers, like members of the public at large, have strong feelings for or against the impeachment of President Trump. But if there’s one thing they can agree on, it’s how it brings home the importance of a fair, neutral jury in any fact-finding process. Democrats favoring impeachment have complained that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell… read more

Manafort Sentence Illustrates Power of Judges

The legal community was collectively astonished last week when Paul Manafort received a roughly four-year sentence for serious financial crimes in federal court. The judge, T.S. Ellis, had already made his contempt for the case clear, and many court watchers expected something relatively mild. But most court-watchers found the sentence Ellis imposed to be shocking:… read more

Understanding the Basics of Auto Insurance in Florida

If there’s one thing that’s almost universal in our experience as lawyers, it’s this: clients don’t understand how their auto insurance really works. Even highly educated, financially prudent people are typically bewildered by the interaction between various parts of their Florida auto insurance coverage. This isn’t surprising, because it really is difficult to understand all… read more

Recent FBI Raid Shows Limits Of The Attorney-Client Privilege

One of the most sacred forms of confidentiality in the law is the attorney-client privilege. Most people know the things they tell their lawyers will never be revealed to the world. In the great majority of cases, that’s true. This is for a good reason: a lawyer cannot effectively represent a client unless the client… read more

President Trump Draws Rare Attention To Mental Status Exams

President Trump recently took a physical to assess his overall health. Although these physicals are routine for sitting presidents, this one has gotten unusual attention because it included an additional component: a mental status exam. According to media reports, Trump had a memory screening exam added to his usual physical by White House medical staff…. read more

All Bay Area Counties Now Eligible for Federal Disaster Relief

People all over Florida are trying to get their lives back to normal following Hurricane Irma. While no part of the Florida peninsula was unscathed, the Tampa Bay area fared better than many feared. Irma tracked a little further east than projected and weakened as it moved north, sparing our area the worst of the… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is Grand Slam Sponsor for Dunedin Falcons Baseball Team

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to announce that our firm is a Grand Slam Sponsor for the 2015 Dunedin Falcons Baseball team of Dunedin High School. As part of the “Grand Slam Club,” we join nine other sponsors to offer the team the highest level of commitment and support. After beating East Lake… read more

Please Support Florida Bill to Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists

There is good news for Florida bicyclists, pedestrians, and others who share the road with motor vehicles. A bill to protect “vulnerable users” on our roads is under consideration in the Florida legislature. If it passes, motorists who commit traffic infractions and injure others will face enhanced fines and penalties, including license suspension in some… read more