Vehicle and Driver Requirements for Uber and Lyft in Tampa, FL

Ridesharing services, especially Uber and Lyft, have turned the taxi service industry upside down. Instead of a taxi service providing a fleet of questionably maintained cars and sometimes unfriendly drivers, Uber and Lyft contract with private individuals, using their own vehicles for transportation.  However, both companies have strict requirements for drivers and the cars used… read more

Uber Class Action Matters for Auto Accident Cases, Too

When is a driver an employee, and when is a driver just a contractor? This question is at the heart of a class action filed against Uber, the popular ride-sharing service. Uber recently agreed to pay about $100 million to settle lawsuits in California and Massachusetts. Those suits claimed Uber was improperly calling its drivers… read more

Uber or Taxi Companies: Which Provides Better Insurance Coverage?

According to a slew of accusations from taxi companies, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft may leave passengers without proper insurance coverage. In the case of an accident, taxi companies claim, Uber and Lyft don’t have enough coverage to provide the compensation passengers may need for medical costs and other damages. In reality, the taxi… read more