Driving Without a License Versus Driving Without a License on Your Person

Florida motorists must have a valid driver’s license to drive legally. Of course, if you forget your license at home, it’s a minor offense that doesn’t carry significant consequences. On the other hand, driving without owning a license entirely is a crime that carries severe penalties. It’s important to know the difference between these offenses… read more

Are Wolf Hybrids Legal in Florida?

You may be curious as to whether wolf hybrids can be legally owned in Florida, and the answer is yes. There are ways to legally own an animal that is a wolf hybrid. However, if you are wondering whether you can own a wolf hybrid as a pet, then the answer is no. Wolf hybrids… read more

Does the Slow Speed Impediment Statute Apply to Cyclists in Florida?

Many drivers and bicyclists in Florida are unfamiliar with the slow speed impediment statute. Those familiar with the statute might assume that it applies to cyclists and motorists. That is not the case. The slow speed impediment statute does not apply to cyclists in Florida. However, other laws do apply to cyclists when they are… read more

Window Tint Laws in Florida

Tinted windows provide a vehicle’s occupants with increased privacy, reduce glare while driving, and enhance a car’s appearance. Window tinting is especially popular in Florida due to its ability to reduce the amount of heat that builds up in a parked car.  However, adding an aftermarket tint to a car’s windows is closely regulated in… read more

Is Jaywalking Legal in Florida?

Did you know that the word “jaywalking” doesn’t exist in any Florida regulations? It is simply slang that has been in use since the early 20th century. Even though the term has no legal meaning, it is well understood by the general public. Jaywalking is the act of crossing a road by a pedestrian at… read more

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Sloth in Florida?

Florida wildlife law divides non-domestic animals into three classes. Florida prohibits individuals from owning and possessing Class I animals as pets. But the state allows people to have Class II and III animals as pets. Sloths fall into Class III. As long as you obtain a license, you can own and possess a sloth in… read more

Are Lottery Winners in Florida Required to Reveal Their Identities?

Florida’s lottery regulations require all lottery winners to reveal their name and city of residence. The Florida Lottery can also reveal the game, date, and amount you won to any party, including media outlets. But this does not mean you need to reveal your name and city of residence. Florida allows entities to claim lottery… read more

Florida Car Inspection Laws

Once upon a time, if you drove a car in the state of Florida, you were required to have a regular vehicle safety inspection. During this time, you’d need to have your car tested for emissions and smog. Failing to meet the safety inspections can contribute to a car accident. Florida no longer requires safety… read more

Is It Illegal to Eat and Drive in Tampa, Florida?

Florida has numerous laws designed to combat distracted driving and car accidents. You may already be familiar with some of these laws. For example, you might know that texting while driving is illegal in Tampa.  However, you may wonder what other behaviors the law restricts. Perhaps you’re wondering whether you can eat food while driving… read more

Child Booster Seat/Restraint Laws in Florida

The child booster seat and restraint laws in Florida are designed to help reduce childhood injuries and deaths from traffic accidents. Children are unable to make decisions for themselves regarding their safety. Therefore, the legislature enacted laws to ensure parents and caregivers take steps to protect children in the event of a car crash. How… read more