Can I Drop My Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Since March, many Americans have had to tighten their budgets as the pandemic has tilted us toward a recession. For those who have lost jobs or had their hours cut, reducing monthly spending may be necessary. Many of our discretionary budgets have already decreased with restaurants and other entertainment venues closed, but that may not… read more

Business Owners: Exploring Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

It has been a terribly long two months since COVID-19 began visibly spreading through our communities. While some states have relaxed their shutdown rules, we are a long way from returning to normal. For many small and medium businesses, the hardship has only just begun. Even those that are allowed to open may not have… read more

Auto Insurance Refunds: A Bright Spot During a Hard Pandemic

Mileage Has Decreased by up to 50% in Some Areas, Insurers Say Americans have gotten used to a steady stream of grim news in the last few weeks. We’ve all heard it by now: We are the world’s leader in confirmed coronavirus cases. Our economy is frozen because of necessary social distancing. Many U.S. workers… read more

Will We Finally Be Free of Florida’s No-Fault Law?

Here we go again. Legislation to eliminate PIP (personal injury protection) benefits is being taken up in the Florida legislature. It’s been tried before. Special interests kept it alive. It’s an antiquated and useless law that makes it harder for car crash victims to obtain justice. Twelve states and Puerto Rico have no-fault auto insurance… read more

Florida No-Fault Auto Insurance: Rummaging Through the House

In previous blogs, we’ve commented that clients often find our “no fault” auto insurance system frustrating. They often can’t understand why their own insurance has to pay for medical care and other expenses right after they are involved in a crash. Part of the answer is that Florida lawmakers wanted to create a simple, self-executing… read more

Investigative Report Reveals Troubling Behavior in Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance companies behave in highly questionable ways when investigating their own customers for insurance fraud, a new article on the news site Buzzfeed reveals. The article, titled “Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops To Investigate Their Own Customers,” describes several situations where insurance companies accused their policyholders of crimes— even when they did no more than… read more

Oklahoma jury issues huge bad faith verdict against Aetna

In early November, the family of an Oklahoma woman who had cancer received a verdict for more than $25 million against her health insurer, Aetna. The jury found that Aetna acted in bad faith in denying proton beam therapy to her as an “experimental” treatment. Proton beam therapy is a targeted form of radiation treatment… read more