According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 5,486 workers were killed on the job in 2022. While serious workplace accidents can occur in any industry, a small number of jobs account for a disproportionate number of these fatal accidents. 

Here are the eight most dangerous occupations in the United States based on the number of fatal injuries per 100,000 full-time workers in 2022.

Logging Workers – 100.7 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Workers in the logging industry have the most dangerous jobs in the U.S., according to OSHA. Logging workers spend their time outdoors in the elements, often in isolated areas and poor weather conditions. 

The work itself is physically demanding and may involve: 

  • Using hand-held chain saws to fell trees
  • Climbing trees and using heavy tools to remove tree limbs
  • Fastening steel chains around logs
  • Operating tractors, tree harvesters and skidders to fell, cut up, and transport trees and logs

Many of these accidents are related to inadequate supervision or training, improper operation, or defective machinery. In 2022, 58 logging workers were killed on the job. 

Roofers – 57.5 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

The construction industry has one of the highest workplace fatality rates. Most construction accidents are caused by one of the “fatal four,” including falls, electrocution, struck-by, and caught-in or caught-between accidents. In 2022, 19.5% of all workplace fatalities were in construction. 

Among all construction workers, roofers have the highest fatality rate. Slips, trips, and falls were the cause of 86% of roofer deaths. 105 roofers died in workplace accidents in 2022. 

Fishing and Hunting Workers – 50.9 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Workers in hunting and fishing jobs have the highest fatality rate in the larger agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting industry, yet they have a low injury rate. When workers are in an accident, it tends to be disastrous. 

These workers use weapons, traps, and nets and work in often dangerous and remote environments. Fatalities among fishing workers are usually caused by drowning. This may be caused by slipping and falling overboard, being knocked overboard, or becoming entangled in a net. 

16 fishing and hunting workers were killed on the job in 2022. 

Construction Trades Helpers – 38.5 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Construction trades workers have the second-highest fatality rate in the construction industry. These workers, sometimes called construction laborers, support trade professionals like electricians, roofers, and carpenters. They perform dangerous tasks, including digging trenches, building scaffolding, loading materials, and operating power tools.

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers – 35.9 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Commercial aircraft pilots have one of the highest fatality rates in the U.S. 

These pilots perform many jobs, including: 

  • Rescue missions
  • Firefighting missions
  • Charter flights
  • Crop dusting flights
  • Aerial tours
  • Aerial photography

These jobs usually involve helicopters or small aircraft. Accidents may be caused by inexperience, mechanical failure, improper maintenance, or pilot error. 

Truck Drivers and Driver or Sales Workers – 30.4 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Truck drivers and sales/driver workers had the sixth most dangerous job in 2022, but by far the highest number of fatalities. There were 1,115 drivers killed in workplace accidents in 2022 alone. 

These transportation workers collect, transport, and deliver shipments across the country. Most fatalities are caused by truck accidents

Trash and Recycling Collectors – 22.6 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Most people are at the greatest risk of serious injury while driving. It’s no surprise that two of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. involve being on the road for eight or more hours per day. 

Like truck drivers, trash and recycling collection workers spend their entire workday on the road. The high workplace fatality rate is due to traffic accidents.

Structural Steel And Ironworkers – 21.3 Fatalities Per 100,000 Workers

Steelworkers and ironworkers perform incredibly dangerous work that’s physically demanding. 

Iron and steel workers have one of the highest rates of fall fatalities, but they face other serious risks, including: 

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals and dust
  • Lifting and carrying heavy loads
  • Working in cramped spaces for extended periods of time
  • Working with their arms overhead
  • Using heavy, vibrating tools that require pressure and a still position
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Frequent exposure to very loud noise

Structural iron and steel workers have a high rate of respiratory diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma. Other common injuries include back injuries, spinal injuries, hand and wrist injuries, and hearing loss. 

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help After a Workplace Injury 

Workers injured on the job are often entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. Families of workers killed on the job may recover death benefits under the workers’ compensation system. 

If you have been hurt on the job or lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident, contact a workplace injury attorney to recover the compensation you’re entitled to.

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