Dealing With Grief: A Step-By-Step Guide For Emotional Healing After the Unexpected Death of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when their death is unexpected. When you don’t have the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally, the rush of emotions you experience can be particularly strong and, sometimes, debilitating. Falling into the grieving stage can be challenging, and it may feel never-ending.  Taking hold of your emotions and… read more

5 Ways To Ensure Swimming Pool Safety in New Port Richey

Almost 30% of all drowning incidents among children between the ages of 5 and 14 occur in swimming pools. Although children are most at risk, anyone is in danger of drowning. In the United States, there are an average of 22 nonfatal drownings a day.  Even nonfatal drowning can severely affect the victim’s health, potentially… read more

Information Regarding Traffic Crashes in the State of Florida

Vehicles on the road today are safer than ever before. It’s hard to believe that just over five decades ago, cars were not required to have seat belts. Even when the federal government passed a law requiring lap and shoulder belts in the front seat of vehicles in 1968, it was more than a decade… read more

Can I Fire My Personal Injury Lawyer if I Am Unhappy With Them?

Sustaining a personal injury can be traumatizing and overwhelming for you and your family. Deciding to move forward with a legal claim is an important decision, and hiring a lawyer to help you through the process is generally a wise move. But what are your options if you’re not happy with the attorney you’ve selected… read more

Roundup Weed Killer Cancer Lawsuits

Roundup Weed Killer has been used for years in both commercial and residential settings. Unfortunately, the main ingredient in this weed killer is now linked to the development of serious, life-threatening cancers. If you or a loved one has used Roundup Weed Killer and later received a cancer diagnosis, you may have a valid claim… read more

Golf Cart And Child Safety: Tips To Avoid Injury

An estimated 6,500 children are hurt every year in golf cart accidents throughout the United States. And in a state like Florida, where golf carts can be a common sight in residential communities and suburbs and share the streets with cars and trucks, this danger is often amplified.  Because golf carts can lack many of… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Gets Client Maria Garcia $3 Million Settlement from Pinellas County School Board

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers proudly announces that published an article spotlighting our personal injury case. described the catastrophic injuries that our client, Maria Garcia, endured. She was a pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk by a Pinellas County school bus that did not stop.  Ms. Garcia nearly lost her life in… read more

The Effects of Airbag Deployment in Your Car Accident Claim 

Studies and research indicate that airbags can reduce the risk of some injuries in a car accident when used correctly. It is estimated that more than 50,000 lives were saved because of the use of airbags over a 30-year period. Because airbags effectively save lives and reduce injuries in car accidents, the government made airbags… read more

Is It Illegal To Drink While Boating in Florida?

Florida weather allows for boating almost year-round. Boating is often associated with alcohol, as boaters love soaking up the sun with a beer or cocktail in hand. While it is not illegal for of-age passengers to drink while on a boat, operators cannot drive a boat while under the influence. Here is what you need… read more

Blunt Force Head Trauma – Cause and Effect

If you have experienced a head injury, knowing whether you have blunt force trauma can help strengthen your personal injury claim. Collisions and other forceful impacts can cause blunt force head trauma. Sustaining this kind of injury can impact your health, livelihood, and ability to engage in daily activities. This blog post will delve into… read more