Client’s Fall in Poorly Maintained Parking Lot Leads to Major Hip Fracture

The client was walking in a private business parking lot that was poorly lit and had become overgrown with tree roots causing cracks to the pavement. This dangerous condition caused the client to trip and fall and suffer a major hip fracture that required hospitalization. These injuries significantly impacted our clients retirement and left her with ongoing pain and limitations. After litigating the case we were able to reach a resolution for well in excess of her medical bills.


Injury at Hardware Store: Client Suffers Neck and Head Injuries from Falling Pallet

The client was in a hardware store when an employee failed to properly unload a pallet of wooden trim which fell into the client causing neck and head injuries. The client underwent MRI which revealed herniated discs in his neck and then received injections to manage his pain and was recommended for surgery.

Confidential Settlement

Severe laceration from glass that broke during an exercise at an athletic training facility.

A young man, while working out at an athletic training facility, sustained a severe laceration from glass that broke during an exercise. A window shattered when an instructor ran into it. The client required multiple surgeries. The insurer for the facility denied coverage. We immediately filed a lawsuit. Shortly thereafter, the insurance company filed a Federal lawsuit arguing that their policy of insurance did not cover this incident. We successfully fought their arguments and the Federal Judge ruled in our favor. We continued with our lawsuit in Circuit Court and following very extensive discovery and depositions, the case was settled for a confidential amount on the eve of trial.

Confidential Settlement

Wrongful Death of Disabled Child at Foster Home

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers negotiated a confidential settlement for the mother of a boy who drowned in the swimming pool of his foster care providers. The mother was led to believe that his needs were being met by “specialists.” Tragically, the boy wandered into a swimming pool while his care provider fell asleep.

Confidential Settlement

Negligent “Repair” Garage Door Results In Thumb Amputation

A client of Roman Austin was injured when a local garage repair company negligently “repaired” her garage door, resulting in a thumb amputation.  After filing a lawsuit and protracted litigation, Roman Austin obtained a significant confidential settlement.