Settlement for our Client

A healthcare professional was involved in a crash which left her with a head injury and other non-surgical injuries. Our firm filed a lawsuit and her case settled prior to trial for $400,000.00.


Settlement for our Client

A gentleman, whom we had represented before, was riding his Harley motorcycle when a truck turned left into his path. Our client struck the side of the pickup, was ejected and his motorcycle was totaled. Our client sustained a head injury, neck injury, facial fractures, rib fractures, and aggravation injuries to his shoulder and back. Our firm filed a lawsuit and the claim settled after mediation for $400,000.00.


Settlement for Construction Accident Victim

There was no workers’ compensation coverage for our client after he fell from a second story balcony. Our investigation revealed there were no safety precautions on the construction site. The client was a young father who was disabled after the fall.


Settlement for Woman Injured in Car Accident

A Dunedin woman in her 50’s was stopped in traffic when she was rear-ended by another vehicle which pushed her into the car in front of her. This impact totaled her vehicle and injured her neck, back, and head. She underwent an SI joint fusion surgery and needs further surgery to her neck. The insurance company dragged their feet on making an offer so Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers filed suit against the at-fault driver. The claim resolved at court-ordered mediation for $375,000.00.


Settlement for Local Registered Nurse

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers negotiated a $360,000.00 settlement for a case involving a woman who was a Registered Nurse involved in a severe automobile collision in Pinellas County, Florida. She sustained a cervical spine injury and had shoulder surgery.


Settlement in Semi-Truck Accident Case

A pile up on Interstate 4 caused by a semi-truck resulted in a Largo man aggravating his previously injured neck and back. Such aggravation resulted in substantial wage loss. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers secured a $360,000.00 settlement for this gentleman in addition to making the Defendant pay the workers’ compensation lien.


Settlement for husband and wife rear-ended in an accident.

A husband and wife were rear-ended and pushed into a third car. Their vehicle sustained significant property damage but the insurance adjuster initially refused to believe the clients were injured due to this accident. The wife underwent hip surgery and the husband had neck surgery. After Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers pressured the insurance companies, we were able to obtain a tender of the policy limits of the at-fault party and two underinsured motorist policies in this case for a total resolution of $350,000.


Semi-tractor trailer accident – $350,000 settlement

A returning client from Spring Hill contacted us after a semi truck ran a red light causing a high-impact T-bone collision with his vehicle as he attempted to turn left. The semi tractor trailer was carrying a load of in excess of 26,000 pounds, and the tractor trailer itself weighed in excess of 10,000 pounds. The truck driver was issued a citation, and our client was on the job while the accident occurred. He subsequently hired a workers’ compensation attorney. He suffered from traumatic neck pain that resulted in a cervical spine surgery including a fusion and the placement of an artificial disc. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers presented a comprehensive settlement demand to the trucking company’s insurance carrier, resulting in a $350,000 settlement.


Verdict for Injured Pedestrian

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Announces Jury Verdict – On January 26th, a jury of six in Pinellas County Circuit Court, delivered a $335,000 Jury Verdict in favor of our client. Client, who was standing in a parking lot, was struck by an elderly driver who pinned her against her own vehicle. There was no property damage to the vehicles but the client ultimately underwent spine surgery in her low back. The case was defended by claims that the client’s injuries were not caused by the event, that she had pre-existing spinal degeneration, that it was just a “bump,” and that the client was comparatively at fault. After a four-day trial in Pinellas County, the jury awarded the client a verdict of $335,000.00. Motions for the client to recover court costs and Attorney’s fees will be filed and determined by the Court.


Verdict for Rear-End Collision Victim

As a result of the collision our client underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery and injured her spine. The defense argued that our client’s medical condition was not caused by the collision. After a nearly one week trial, the Clearwater jury decided the injuries were caused by the defendants.