Verdict in Lane Merge Accident

We represented a Land O Lakes woman who was involved in a merge lane accident. She went on to have spine surgery and lost her job. The defense alleged she was at fault for the accident and disputed her injury and wage loss claims. Our firm tried the case and overcame these defenses, and the jury awarded her $318,000.


Verdict in Lane Merge Collision Case

Our client was struck in a merge lane on her way to work. The collision aggravated a preexisting spine condition necessitating surgery. There were no witnesses.


For woman rear-ended at a red light.

Palm Harbor woman was stopped at a red light and rear ended at a high rate of speed sustaining injuries to her neck, head and right arm. Her orthopedic surgeon recommended she undergo cervical surgery. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers was able to obtain a tender of the at-fault party’s policy limits of $300,000 within six months.


Apartment Balcony Fall Resulted In $300,000 Settlement

The client lived in an apartment complex where multiple codes were being violated. The property owner failed to provide safe routes in and out of the apartment homes. The client was forced to walk along a slick pavement which was in ill repair, leading into her home. This was as a result of failed drainage. Because of this, the client slipped and fell off the balcony to the pavement below. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to point out the exact code violations and obtain the policy limit tender of $300,000.


Settlement for Head and Spinal Injuries After an Elevator Accident

A client of Roman Austin was injured due to a malfunctioning elevator in a hotel which resulted in head and spinal injuries. We filed a lawsuit to maximize a recovery for the client and ultimately obtained a settlement of $300,000.00.


Settlement for a Rear-end accident

Donald A., a 45-year-old man was rear-ended by a pick-up truck. This crash caused significant damage to Donald’s vehicle and he injured his neck. His surgeon recommended surgery. We sent a demand of $236,500.00 to Geico who insured the at-fault driver. Geico kept stalling on responding to our demand and even hired a board-certified radiologist to review Donald’s MRI films. After two months of this, we filed suit. The defense hired two more orthopedic surgeons to examine our client. After mediation, we filed a proposal for settlement in the amount of $300,000.00 and the defense paid it.


Rear end collisions result in neck injury requiring surgery – $296,000 Settlement

This case involved two successive impacts within seconds of each other. An Oldsmar man was stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a large commercial cargo van. After exiting the vehicle to survey the damage, he returned to the driver seat and was preparing to move the car off to the side of the road when a SUV behind the work van did not see the cars stopped and caused another violent rear-end collision. Our client suffered from a neck injury that required a single level discectomy and fusion. Operative reports were submitted to both bodily injury adjusters of the commercial company and the driver of the SUV, as well as the client’s underinsured motorist insurance carrier. There were recoveries from the at-fault parties along with the UM in this case for a total resolution of $296,000.


Settlement for rear-end accident victim.

This client was in a work truck and was rear ended by another truck. He sustained an aggravation of pre-existing injuries to his shoulder, elbow and neck in additional to loss of wages. The insurance company did not believe this crash caused our client’s need for multiple surgeries. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers filed a lawsuit and settled the case one month before trial for $290,000.


Settlement for Woman Injured in Car Accident

A Tarpon Springs woman was southbound on U.S. Highway 19 when her vehicle stalled. She turned on her hazard lights to alert surrounding drivers of a problem but the defendant failed to notice them or her stopped vehicle ahead of him. The tremendous force of this impact caused our client’s vehicle to rotate to the center lane and rest facing the opposite direction. The crash was so severe it required the presence of the fire department to cut and extricate her from the car. In the emergency room she was assessed with sustaining a head injury, internal hemorrhage, solid and hollow organ injuries and neck, back, shoulder, and knee injuries. She underwent several imaging studies, injections, and sacroiliac joint fusion surgeries resulting in settlement recoveries of $275,000 from both the defendants policy limits as well as her own.


Settlement in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Case

Our client, a 40 year old wife and mother, was diagnosed with RSD after an intersection collision. The case settled just prior to trial.