Settlement for Injured Cyclist

Our client was riding her bicycle in a group with five other cyclists when the defendant passed the group and turned directly through our client’s path of travel. The impact threw our client to the ground, and she landed on the right side of her body. Her face and helmet struck the side of the defendant’s vehicle, leaving permanent facial scarring. She also sustained injuries to her left hip, arm, and hand. Following the collision, our client was diagnosed with significant injuries to her left shoulder in addition to post traumatic stress disorder, eventually undergoing shoulder surgery. The pain from which she suffered, even after surgery, made her physically demanding job as a registered nurse extremely difficult. This persistent pain combined with constant flashbacks have interfered significantly with her passion – competitive cycling. She has also consulted with a plastic surgeon in an effort to improve permanent facial scarring from the collision. Following extensive negotiations, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers recovered the Bodily Injury policy limit of $100,000 in addition to $70,000 in Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Fortunately, our client’s out of pocket costs were low, so the majority of this recovery went directly to her.


Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s client slipped and fell on a wet floor at retail store. She sustained injuries to her knees and ultimately had surgery. The store employees testified that they had put up wet floor warning signs. Our firm filed a lawsuit and ultimately settled the case at court-ordered mediation for $160,000.00.


Staples Slip And Fall Accident Results In $160,000 Settlement

While shopping at Staples, the client followed a worker to find an item. Upon turning down the aisle, the employee removed the “wet floor” sign. When the client went to reach for the product, she slipped and fell. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to point out the company neglect to keep their premise safe for customers and the client was compensated in the amount of $160,000


Settlement for Pinellas County Car Accident

We represented this man who sustained serious shoulder injury which required surgery from an auto accident that happened in Clearwater, Florida. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers successfully negotiated settlement in the amount of $155,000 .


Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident Victim

While working at a concession stand, our client slipped and fell in popcorn butter. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers alleged that the employer had a duty to maintain the premises free from any hazard and they failed to do so. Our client suffered serious left wrist and hip injury which resulted in left hip and left wrist surgeries.


Settlement in Intersection Accident

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers negotiated a $155,000 settlement for a man who was involved in a intersection accident resulting in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury

A 48 year old man was traveling through a green light when he was involved in a violent T-boned collision with a man who ran a red light. Witnesses on the accident report confirmed the defendant indeed had a solid red light. As a result of the tremendous impact, our client sustained injuries to his neck and back, but most unfortunately, an aggravation of his prior traumatic brain injury. A $150,000 settlement was obtained for this man just 4 months post accident.


Settlement in Rear End Collision Case

While stopped for traffic at an intersection, our client was forcefully rear ended. Our client was taken from the scene of the accident by ambulance to the emergency room. It was diagnosed that she suffered a serious neck and back injury. A cervical spine surgery was recommended by her treating orthopedic surgeon.


DUI Accident Results In $150,000 Policy Limit Tender

As a result of an accident caused by a drunk driver, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s client suffered multiple serious injuries such as fractured bones, loss of teeth and the development of pulmonary embolism in his lungs. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to obtain all available insurance coverage for this loss totaling $150,000.


Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

A 53 year old man was injured at Buffalo Wild Wings when he slipped in a puddle of water, falling hard onto the ground, injuring himself.   Through our investigation, the restaurant manager revealed one of the urinals  had been overflowing.  He had directed an employee to install a “wet floor sign,” however the employee failed to follow instructions.   Bulffalo Wild Wings failed to carry out its duties to keep the premises reasonably safe and by failing to warn its customers of the hazard.   Regrettably, its employees did not put up a “wet floor sign” until after our client was injured.  As a result, he sustained a head  contusion, neck injury, and right shoulder injury, all which necessitated conservative treatment.   Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers secured a $150,000 settlement in favor of this client within 10 months of the fall.