Settlement in T Bone Collision Accident

While traveling down East Lake Road in Pinellas County, a Pasco county resident was T-Boned at 50 mph, causing serious shoulder injury which required surgical intervention. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained all available insurance coverage for this loss totaling $150,000.


$146,500 Settlement For A Low Impact Crash

A Pasco County woman was at a stop sign when a sports car behind her struck the rear of her vehicle at a low speed with minimal property damage. Our client visited an urgent care center 5 days later with neck and shoulder complaints. She had been in recent previous auto accidents before. She sought treatment with an orthopedic for physical therapy and an MRI of her shoulder 3 months post-accident showed a tear in the labral and rotator cuff. After surgery was performed approximately 1 year post-accident, a demand letter was sent to the at-fault insurance company who immediately paid our requested full amount for settlement. This eliminated the need for any extended, time-consuming negotiations and allowed for a large pay out to our client to be expedited.


Settlement for Car Accident Victim

Our client was traveling southbound on I-275 in the center lane when the defendant cut in front of his vehicle, striking our client’s passenger side. As a result of the impact, our client sustained multilevel disc herniations placing pressure on his spinal cord. After a course of injection treatment that provided little relief, our client underwent a discectomy surgery in an effort to provide relief from his extreme pain. Our client accrued both staggering medical bills and lost wages, as he worked in a job that required physical labor he could no longer perform. Following extensive negotiations and the insurance carrier’s resistance to tender their policy limits, our firm recovered all available insurance coverage totaling $135,000.


$130,000 Policy Limit Tenders to Tampa man injured in a Rear end collision.

Client was stopped at a red light and was rearended at a high rate of speed. Client had a pre-existing neck and low back injuries which required prior fusion surgeries. Client was asymptomatic at the time of this accident. This accident caused a serious aggravation of his pre-existing neck injury, resulting in cervical spine surgery. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers was able to obtain all insurance policies available for this loss within 3 months, totaling $130,000.


Failure To Yield Results In $127,500 Settlement

After the side of client’s car had been slammed into, as a result of failure to yield, the client suffered both spine and brain injuries. The at-fault party attempted to settle with four different offers starting at $15,000. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers did not stop rejecting the settlement offers until their client received what they deserved — $127,500.


Settlement for Back Injuries After a Rear-End Accident

A young woman sustained low-back injuries after her car was struck from behind in a rear-end accident. We were able to acquire a settlement on her behalf in the amount of $125,000.00.


Accident Pinning Victim Between Two Cars

After being sandwiched between two cars as a result of a careless driver, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers’s secured $125,000 policy limits immediately.


Bicyclist Accident – US Highway 19

Client was injured when a motor vehicle failed to yield the bicyclist’s right of way, resulting in rib fractures, and a collapsed lung. Client recovered very well and case was settled for $125,000.


Rear End Collision Results In $125,000 Settlement

The client was injured when they had properly stopped to traffic ahead of them but the driver behind them failed to. Though settlement, Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers were able to secure $125,000 to the client.


Injured Bicyclist – Results In $125,000 Policy Limits Tenders

At fault motor vehicle ran a stop sign, colliding with client’s bicycle, throwing him to the ground. This resulted in multiple injuries. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers quickly secured all policy limits available for this accident totaling $125,000.