Florida has a high rate of fatal motorcycle accidents compared to other states. Unfortunately, Tampa motorcycle accidents can occur even when a motorcyclist is responsible. Accidents often happen as the result of another motorist’s negligence.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you may sustain injuries that will require costly medical treatment. Your injuries could also prevent you from returning to work and earning an income. You should be compensated for such losses. 

Florida is a no-fault state for car insurance. Therefore, drivers of passengers can turn to their Personal Injury Protection insurance to seek compensation after a motor vehicle accident — no matter who caused the accident.

However, motorcyclists are not required to carry PIP insurance in Florida. That means your insurer may not be responsible for your damages after a motorcycle accident, depending on the policy you have.

Luckily, Florida law allows motor vehicle accident victims to seek additional compensation after recovering compensation from their own insurance. In certain circumstances, an accident victim may file a claim or lawsuit to collect from the insurance of the negligent parties who caused their accidents. This is an option when their injuries qualify as “serious” or “permanent” under Florida law.

How a Lawyer Helps After a Motorcycle Accident in Tampa, FL

If you choose to file an accident claim against a negligent party’s insurer, you need to show that your injuries meet certain criteria. You must also prove that you were injured because the other party was negligent.

An attorney can help you show your injuries qualify as serious and provide you with grounds to file a claim against a negligent party’s insurance. They can also investigate your accident and gather evidence proving that the other driver’s negligence was a factor in your accident.

Even if you don’t file a claim against the insurance of a negligent party, you can still benefit from hiring a lawyer. You must remember that your own insurer is still focused on protecting their profits. They might not necessarily be inclined to offer the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Although an attorney can’t promise you will recover a specific amount of compensation, they are qualified to negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. Their assistance will maximize your chances of recovering fair compensation.

A lawyer can also handle such tasks as putting together and filing a claim, coordinating with doctors, corresponding with insurance adjusters, and more. This will give you more time and freedom to focus on your recovery in the aftermath of an accident.

Comparative Fault & Tampa Motorcycle Accidents

Florida has comparative fault laws that can influence how much compensation you recover after being injured. Comparative fault applies when a victim contributes to their accident or injuries in some way. These rules reduce a victim’s damages to account for their share of fault.

For example, you may be seeking $20,000 in compensation from the insurer of a negligent party. However, suppose you were 20% responsible for your injuries by exceeding the speed limit before your accident. The most you could recover would be $16,000 (80%). 

Comparative fault is another reason to hire a lawyer. If a negligent party or their insurer claims you are partially to blame for your accident, an attorney can counter their arguments.

Keep in mind, most motorcycle accident lawyers use the contingency fee system. They don’t charge any fees unless they recover compensation for their clients first. Their fee is typically a percentage of the total compensation they recover. Accordingly, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer may yield financial benefits and involves essentially no financial risk.

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