Whenever an injury occurs to the head, it’s important to seek immediate treatment to determine the extent of the damage. Brain injuries may occur in a variety of different situations, such as a fall, a sports injury, or a car crash. 

The extent of the damage isn’t always immediately apparent, especially if there is no visible bleeding around the head. Thus, the individual should be observed for signs of a serious injury. 

What Are the Different Types of Brain Injuries?

There are three main types of brain injuries. These include the coup, contrecoup, and the coup contrecoup brain injury

A coup injury occurs at the location where the skull was first impacted by force. This type of injury can often be identified by bruises, cuts, or other marks at the site of the trauma. A coup injury may be mild to severe and can result in bruising, swelling, or hemorrhaging of the brain.

A contrecoup injury occurs exactly opposite from the initial site of the trauma. There may be no evidence of a visible injury in the location, making it easier for doctors to miss out on diagnosing it. Contrecoup injuries are most common in vehicle rollover accidents and motorcycle crashes

A coup contrecoup injury is the most severe type of brain injury and occurs at both the initial site of trauma as well as the area exactly opposite. Since the trauma’s contrecoup area may not present any signs of injury, it is easily overlooked in the initial diagnosis and left untreated. 

If a coup contrecoup injury has occurred and is not treated, the victim may have permanent brain damage.

What Should I Do If I Have Sustained a Blow to the Head?

Anyone who has received a blow to the head should not ignore it. Doing so can lead to long-term issues and may even be fatal. 

Look out for symptoms of a brain injury after sustaining a blow to the head, including:  

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vision changes

If you don’t notice any symptoms initially, pay attention in the next several days. In some cases, it may take time for symptoms to become more apparent. If the blow resulted in a loss of consciousness — even for a few minutes — it’s best to visit a hospital to rule out any potential for a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

What Sort of Damages May Result from a Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury?

Someone who has sustained a coup contrecoup brain injury may develop problems with decision-making, speaking, and language comprehension. In some cases, they may have impaired concentration, loss of coordination, or problems with memory and focusing. 

Economic damages that result from a coup contrecoup brain injury can reduce a person’s quality of life. Extensive rehabilitation may be needed, which can be extremely expensive even if the person has health insurance. Someone who has sustained a coup contrecoup injury may be unable to work. This will significantly reduce their income.

Outside of the economic damages, individuals who have a coup contrecoup brain injury may have emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety. These conditions are quite common for people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. They may find it difficult to socialize or enjoy the activities they once did. 

Anyone who has suffered an injury to the skull should seek medical attention to rule out a traumatic brain injury. If one has occurred, treatment can help to reduce suffering and get back on the road to good health.

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