New Port Richey offers some incredible weather and scenery, making the city a popular destination for motorcycle riders. But a motorcycle ride is never without possible dangers. 

Bikers should be aware of the seven most common types of motorcycle crashes in New Port Richey, FL. When you know what to look out for, you can work to avoid a dangerous crash.  

1. Head-On Collision Motorcycle Crashes

Head-on collisions are one of the most common types of motorcycle crashes that occur in the state. They’re also the type of accident that’s most likely to result in a biker’s death. 

Head-on collisions are most often caused by a passenger vehicle crashing into a motorcycle, often because the driver fails to see the rider. The motorcycle rider is usually either crushed between the two vehicles or thrown through the air at high speed. 

Bikers can avoid head-on collisions by remaining vigilant and moving out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. 

2. Left-Turn Motorcycle Crashes

Left-turn crashes are another one of the most common and deadly types of motorcycle accidents. These usually occur when another vehicle makes a left turn and hits the biker. 

Bikers can work to avoid car accidents like a left-turn crash by practicing defensive driving. Bikers should maintain a safe distance and check for turn signals before passing another vehicle. 

Riders should also exercise care when passing through an intersection. Specifically, they should check for any other drivers who might not have noticed them. 

3. Lane-Switching Motorcycle Crashes

Lane-switching crashes usually occur when a biker is in a vehicle’s blind spot. The other driver may not see the bike and hit the rider when they attempt to change lanes. 

Motorcyclists can take precautions to avoid lane-switching accidents. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and never ride in another vehicle’s blind spot. Riders should either increase speed and pull ahead or reduce speed and drive further back so they can remain visible in a vehicle’s rearview mirror. 

4. Lane-Splitting Motorcycle Accidents

Lane-splitting accidents happen when motorcyclists make the dangerous and illegal choice to drive between the lanes of vehicles. Riders sometimes do this to avoid congested traffic or speed ahead to avoid a red light. 

Riders can avoid this form of accident by knowing and obeying the rules of the road

5. Corner-Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Corner-turn accidents occur when riders capsize their bikes or slide off the road while going around a corner or sharp turn. These accidents are often caused by driving at high speed. Other factors like wet roads or debris can also contribute to this sort of accident.  

A biker can avoid a corner-turn accident by reducing their speed while turning, especially in inclement weather. 

6. High-Speed Motorcycle Collisions 

Motorcycles can achieve high speeds, which can sometimes tempt drivers to go too fast for conditions. High-speed crashes happen when a driver loses control of the bike because of excessive speed. They can also occur if the driver suddenly needs to stop, but they are traveling too fast to do so safely. 

Avoid a high-speed crash by obeying the speed limit.

7. DUI Accidents

Sometimes, motorcyclists choose to ride after they’ve had too much to drink. Drinking and driving can result in death, serious injuries, DUI charges, fines, and jail time. 

Motorcycle Safety in New Port Richey

The first four of these seven common motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles and usually occur when a vehicle hits a motorcycle. The final three all involve motorcycle riders making unsafe choices. 

Bikers in New Port Richey should drive defensively, watch their speed, and never get on a bike while under the influence. Following these tips will keep you and others safe on the roads of the beautiful Gulf Coast. 

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