While everyone is aware of the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet, many cyclists are unaware helmets must also be replaced every so often. 

Benefits of Wearing a Bicycle Helmet

From the time children are taught to ride bikes, they are also taught the importance of wearing a helmet. Helmets can provide significant protection from injury and the elements. 

A Helmet Protects Your Head from Injury

The most significant and obvious use for a helmet is helping to prevent head injuries. Bicycles can be dangerous, as crashing can easily throw you off the bike, resulting in head and brain injuries. 

A majority of the roughly 80,000 bicycle-related injuries treated every year are brain injuries. Wearing a helmet can provide proper protection, significantly reducing the chances of suffering brain injuries.

A Helmet Can Help Increase Visibility

Riding bikes before dawn or in the early evening hours can be unsafe, as cyclists are not as visible to passing drivers. Wearing a brightly colored helmet or one with noticeable reflective strips can increase visibility, keeping you safe.

A Helmet Can Protect You from Harsh Weather

Riders don’t usually choose to ride during bad weather, but the weather can often be unpredictable. Whether it’s raining or the sun is strong, certain bicycle helmets can help protect you from weather conditions. 

Bicycle Helmet Replacement — Why and How Often

Much to many cyclists’ surprise, bicycle helmets do need to be replaced every so often. This remains true whether the helmet was worn in a bicycle accident or not.

Bicycle helmets, like most other things, suffer wear and tear. The more you wear a helmet, the quicker it will wear and need to be replaced. 

Generally, helmets should be replaced around every five years. However, this guideline can vary depending on certain factors, including:

  • How often you wear your helmet
  • How long you normally wear it for
  • Whether the helmet has been in an accident
  • Whether the helmet has been properly stored

For example, if you don’t use your helmet too often and store it in good condition, you could likely hold off on the five-year replacement. However, if you long-distance cycle multiple times a week, you’ll want to replace it sooner rather than later.

While wearing an older helmet doesn’t necessarily put you at significant risk, there are reasons to consider replacing it. The padding can wear, offering less protection, and technology is always evolving and improving.

If you’re in an accident and your helmet takes a hit, you should replace your helmet as soon as possible. After a helmet protects you during an accident or a fall, it may not provide the same level of protection. 

Replacing a bicycle helmet is a simple way to add substantial protection to your rides.

Choosing the Right Helmet

When buying a new bicycle helmet, you will want to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right helmet for you—and one that provides maximum protection.

For example, look for a helmet that matches your riding style, such as recreational riding or mountain biking. You will also need to think about what additional features you would like, such as color, reflectivity, a built-in visor, or breathability.

Additionally, It is essential to have a helmet that fits, as an ill-fitting helmet cannot provide the same level of protection as a helmet that fits properly.

Replacing your helmet is crucial, as is selecting the right one for you, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Having a great, protective helmet can increase your protection substantially in the unfortunate event of an accident or fall. 

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