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Do you suspect you have been a victim of bad-faith insurance practices in Tampa, Florida? Insurance companies are strictly regulated in Florida. You may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses. An experienced Tampa bad faith insurance lawyer at Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers can help you fight to recover fair compensation for your losses.

Collectively, our injury lawyers have over 50 years of experience fighting for clients across the Tampa Bay area. Our team has already recovered over $100 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients–and we’re ready to put our skills to work for you. We handle all types of personal injury cases, including birth injuries, Tampa bus accidents, maritime accidents, Tampa spinal cord injuries, workers’ compensation, and more.

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How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Bad Faith Insurance Claim in Tampa

How Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Bad Faith Insurance Claim in Tampa

An insurance policy is a contract like any other. You’ve upheld your end of the bargain by paying your premiums on time. You have the right to expect the insurance company to come through when you have a valid claim. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always play fair. They’re out to make a profit–and sometimes, they step over the line and violate the law by refusing to pay or delaying payment. An experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer can step in to protect your legal rights.

At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve been listed among Tampa Bay’s Top Trial Lawyers. We’ve also earned a perfect-10.0 Avvo Rating and a spot on the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

When you hire our team, you can trust in our ability to:

  • Investigate and gather evidence to support your claim
  • Make sure you understand all of your legal rights and options
  • Calculate the fair value of your losses
  • Demand fair compensation from the insurance company
  • File a lawsuit in civil court if necessary to get the fair compensation you deserve

Don’t hesitate to reach out for legal advice if you suspect the insurance company isn’t playing fair. Call our Tampa personal injury attorneys to schedule your free case evaluation today.

Overview of Bad Faith Insurance Laws in Florida

Insurance companies in Florida are subject to detailed regulations. Under Florida law, insurance companies are required to deal with policyholders in good faith. If you pay your premiums, you should expect that the insurance company will cover your expenses when you need help the most.

Acting in “good faith” means conducting a prompt investigation and handling your claim in a fair manner. If the insurance company creates unnecessary delays or pressures you into accepting an unfair settlement, you may have a valid bad-faith insurance case.

Insurance companies that act in bad faith can be required to pay compensation. They can be fined for both willful and non-willful bad-faith insurance practices. The insurance company can also be penalized for failure to pay your settlement within a reasonable amount of time after you accept.

Do I Have a Valid Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

The Florida Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act defines “bad faith” insurance practices. Insurance companies are profit-driven companies. That doesn’t mean they can act unfairly to deny coverage. If they deal with policyholders in bad faith, they can be held accountable in civil court.

You may have a valid case if the insurance company:

  • Fails to effectively communicate with you after submitting a claim
  • Misconstrues the terms or coverage benefits of your insurance contract
  • Fails to promptly conduct a proper investigation into your claim
  • Lies or misrepresents the facts in order to push you to accept an unfair settlement offer
  • Lies about the financial condition of the insurance company or their ability to pay
  • Discriminates against a certain class of people when issuing a life insurance policy
  • Denies your claim without providing a legitimate explanation
  • Engages in tactics to intentionally delay payment of your settlement 
  • Pressures you to avoid seeking legal advice
  • Creates unnecessary delays, such as requesting unreasonable documentation or information
  • Fails to notify you if they need additional information

Many other practices can amount to bad-faith insurance practices. If you suspect the insurance company has not been fair with you, contact our Tampa bad-faith insurance attorneys today. At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, your initial case review is always free of charge.

Can the Insurance Company Ever Legitimately Deny My Insurance Claim?

There are situations where an insurance company can deny your claim in good faith. 

The insurance company can legitimately refuse to pay your claim if:

  • You did not pay your policy premiums, so the policy lapsed
  • There is a dispute about whether the insurance company is responsible for the claim
  • The specific risk or individual is not covered under the policy
  • You failed to file your claim before the deadline passed
  • You did not respond to reasonable requests for information
  • Your claims documentation was incomplete

The insurance company should give you a reason if they deny your claim. If they don’t provide their justification, you have the right to request that information. Our lawyers in Tampa can help you determine whether you should have been paid under your policy. Just call for a free case evaluation today.

How Much Is My Tampa Bad Faith Insurance Case Worth?

The value of a bad faith insurance case depends on the full facts and circumstances.

Factors that may be relevant include:

  • The nature of the insurance claim
  • Property damage caused by delays in payment after a storm or unexpected occurrence
  • Whether you missed work and lost income due to the delays
  • Whether you paid the amounts yourself and incurred interest charges
  • The time you have wasted trying to get the insurance company to pay
  • How the situation impacted your health and emotional wellbeing
  • The nature of the insurance company’s actions

No two cases are exactly the same. You can count on our law firm to fight to hold the insurance company accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Contact our legal team today for your free consultation.

What Types of Damages Are Available To Victims of Bad Faith Insurance Practices in Tampa?

Like any car crash victim, victims of bad faith insurance practices can seek compensation for their economic damages, or financial costs. You may also be entitled to recover compensation for your non-economic damages, which are more personal and intangible losses.

Examples of the types of compensation that may be available include:

  • Interest charges you incurred due to the delayed payment
  • Additional property damage that occurred due to delayed repairs
  • Any lost wages if you missed work because of the insurance company’s acts
  • Attorney’s fees and court costs
  • Additional out-of-pocket costs 
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Inconvenience and frustration

Bad faith insurance claims can be complicated. It’s common for victims to have questions about their legal options. Our lawyers can help you take action. We’ll do everything we can to recover the fair compensation you deserve.

Our Attorneys Handle All Types of Bad Faith Claims in Tampa

At Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, our bad faith lawyers have decades of experience helping clients like you.

We handle all types of bad faith claims involving all types of insurance in Tampa and Hillsborough County, including those involving:

  • Property insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
  • Commercial insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Wind insurance
  • Hurricane insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Bad faith insurance cases can involve first-party claims or third-party claims. For example, you would have a valid first-party claim against your homeowner’s insurance company if they fail to pay your damages claim. Third-party claims are claims filed against someone else’s insurance policy. For example, if you’re involved in a car accident and the at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to pay your claim, you may have a valid third-party claim.

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit in Florida? 

The statute of limitations is a deadline for filing a lawsuit after you suffer some type of harm. 

Most often, injured parties have two years to file a lawsuit (as of March 24, 2023 – prior to this date, personal injury cases had a four-year deadline).

Bad faith insurance claims are usually different from your typical personal injury case. They can involve multiple actions that occur over a lengthy period of time.

Florida courts have recently examined the issues and determined that victims of bad faith insurance practices have five years to file a lawsuit. Still, once the statute of limitations expires, you forfeit your right to seek compensation. Delays can also lead the insurance company to claim you made your damages worse by failing to take legal action.

Contact a Tampa Bad Faith Insurance Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you recently had an insurance claim denied or feel that the insurance company is not handling your case properly, it’s important to seek legal advice right away. Contact Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more about how our skilled team of attorneys can protect your rights. An experienced Tampa bad-faith insurance attorney can force the insurance companies and their defense lawyers to take your case seriously.

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