State Farm Insurance recently implemented a campaign to promote safe driving among high school students called “Celebrate My Drive.”

According to State Farm, the campaign is meant to appreciate the coming of age achievement of driving, yet provide a sobering reminder about the responsibility such a rite of passage carries.

Teen driving car accident statistics are staggering, so State Farm is taking action by providing incentives for safer driving. Those incentives include grants for the winner’s high school and even tickets to a Kelly Clarkson concert.

Celebrate My Drive is a weeklong event that ends this Saturday October 26. High school students are encouraged to go online and make their commitment through the Celebrate My Drive website for a chance to win.

State Farm is taking the approach of positive reinforcement for safe driving, rather than using scare tactics to get teens to drive safely. This is not the first year State Farm has held the Celebrate My Drive campaign. Last year, the insurance company saw success in spreading awareness to teens about safe driving, distracted driving, and texting while driving.

State Farm has a number of different tools that teen drivers and parents of teens can use to reinforce safe driving habits, such as Road Trips®, Road Aware®, Steer Clear® and many others. Statistically, drivers under the age of 18 are at an increased risk of being involved in a collision than any other age group which is why learning tools like this can be so helpful.

Are you a teen driver? Take the pledge! If you’re a parent of a teen driver, encourage your son or daughter to drive safely by providing them with the educational tools they need. Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers supports pledges like these and others like the #ItCanWait campaign to promote safer driving and fewer deaths/injuries on Florida roads.

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