Airbags are intended to prevent serious and fatal car accident injuries. However, airbags may not deploy during every car accident

Airbags are meant to be an effective, life-saving device. When airbags fail because of defective design or manufacturing, serious or fatal injuries may occur. If your airbag fails to deploy during a car accident, you may consider filing a lawsuit against the car company.

Why Do Airbags Fail to Deploy?

Many factors go into the activation of an airbag, including:

  • Crash speed
  • The type of vehicles involved in the collision 
  • Impact direction
  • The design of the airbag
  • Location of the crash sensor

Airbags are not intended to deploy during every crash. Airbags may not deploy when:

  • The crash was not severe enough to trigger the inflation of the airbag.
  • The vehicle detects a child in the passenger seat.

Airbags are not designed to deploy in minor accidents because a seat belt should provide sufficient protection. If your airbag fails to deploy in a car crash and you were injured, report the incident to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation. The NHTSA also recommends that airbags be replaced after a deployment.

How Can Airbag Defects and Malfunctions Cause Injury?

Airbag malfunctions can cause injuries in a number of ways, including: 

  • Airbags not deploying: Not every accident will cause the airbags to deploy, but when the collision is intense, it is crucial for airbags to inflate. Even if you have a seat belt on, airbag failure can cause severe injuries. 
  • Airbags accidentally deploy: The airbag may suddenly deploy and cause injuries or loss of steering control. 
  • Airbags deploy too harshly: Airbags minimize injuries in high-speed collisions. However, overly forceful airbags are dangerous for small children during low-impact crashes. 
  • Airbags deploy too late: Airbags that deployed late can cause injuries even worse than if the bag had not deployed at all. 
  • Inadequate side airbags: Some cars are not equipped with side airbags, which help to reduce injuries in side-impact collisions. 

Such failures may cause drivers or passengers to be at risk of injury or death. 

Injuries From Airbag Malfunctions

When airbags malfunction, people can receive bruises, broken bones, internal bleeding, concussions, brain damage, organ damage, or death. Common injuries from airbag malfunctions include:

  • Facial injuries: When your airbag fails to deploy, your face may hit the windshield, causing damage to the bones in your face. The force of the airbag can also injure your eyes and lead to temporary or permanent blindness
  • Chest injuries: Airbag malfunctions can cause broken bones and soft tissue damage in your chest and ribcage. 
  • Whiplash: Airbag malfunctions may also cause herniated discs, spinal cord damage, strains, or sprains.
  • Arm and leg injuries: Your arms and legs have little room for movement during high-speed collisions. If your airbag fails to deploy, your arms or legs may slam into the dashboard. 
  • Internal injuries: Internal injuries may include fractured ribs, organ damage, or punctured blood vessels. 

When Should I Speak With a Clearwater Car Accident Attorney?

Products liability in auto claims can be difficult to prove. Proving why an airbag did not deploy is a complex issue. You may need an expert to examine your car and the airbag system to evaluate why the airbag failed.

If you or a loved one were injured by a defective airbag, you have the right to compensation for your injuries and losses. A personal injury lawyer can help you explore your options for holding the manufacturer liable.

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