The aftermath of a celebrity death or injury brings about an odd phenomenon. Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people mourn these events despite not knowing the victim personally. Why?

As odd as it may seem, mourning the death of a celebrity is normal and even natural. According to psychologists, celebrities (like actors, athletes, and even politicians) make a lasting impression. Their deaths can leave people shaken, sad, and grief-stricken. And that’s perfectly normal.

Below are some of the worst celebrity car accidents. Some of these public figures drove dangerously, while others were victims to the reckless choices of another driver. 

1. Rachel Bilson

American actress Rachel Bilson, star of hit shows like Hart of Dixie and The O.C., was once in a near-fatal car accident. The incident took place when the actress was 16. 

According to Rachel, the accident resulted from excessive speeding, and “everyone was lucky to survive.”

2. Princess Diana

You can’t talk about celebrity car accidents without mentioning Princess Diana. Her accident took place in 1997. Officially, the accident was caused by intoxicated driving and high speeds. 

The death of Princess Diana left the public reeling and has lingering effects to this day. 

3. Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts is an actor known for his work in The Dark Night and The Expendables. In 1981, Eric was almost killed in a car accident that left him in a coma for days. He also suffered extensive facial trauma.

4. Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan is a hugely popular Cuban singer and actress. Her greatest hits include “Dr. Beat” and “Conga.” In 1990, this dynamo was nearly killed when a semi-truck hit her tour bus in Pennsylvania. 

Although she survived, Gloria broke her back in the accident and had to learn how to walk again as part of her recovery.

5. Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes

“Waterfalls” was an instant classic when TLC released it in 1994. Eight years later, TLC member Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes was killed in a tragic car accident. 

Lisa was driving when she attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control of her own. Her car hit a few trees before rolling into a ditch. 

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for riding a motorcycle both on-screen and off. Unfortunately, he’s been involved in two separate accidents while on his bike

In 2001, he swerved to avoid a stopped car ahead of him, causing his chest to hit his windshield with some force. He was involved in another accident in 2006, but no one was seriously injured. 

7. George Lucas

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, was involved in a fairly serious accident when he was in high school. His car was hit by another driver, causing it to flip and result in several injuries. Thankfully, George was able to make a full recovery.

8. Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan’s accident was a big headline in 2014. It resulted in the death of fellow comedian James McNair. Tracy himself suffered a traumatic brain injury and later sued the truck driver who caused the accident. 

9. Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn, a big name in the Jackass franchise, was killed in 2011. He was driving his Porsche at excessive speeds with a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit at the time of his crash.

10. Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s tragic death was another big headline in 2014. His friend Roger Rodas was driving at an estimated 90 miles per hour when he lost control of the vehicle. Both men lost their lives. 

Unfortunately, serious car accidents happen with great frequency in the United States. These celebrities make up a small percentage of the total injuries and deaths from cars that take place each year. But they can provide a lesson to others: drive safely and avoid alcohol while driving.

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