With spring break just around the corner, many young individuals and families will be traveling to different cities to enjoy new views, the outdoors, and friends. Of course, time on the road means higher risks for serious car accidents.

To keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe when traveling this spring, consider the following 5 safety tips our Clearwater personal injury lawyers have listed below:

1. Never Drive After You Have Consumed Any Amount of Alcohol.

Many people believe they are safe to drive after consuming alcohol because they are not considered impaired. However, alcohol can cause individuals to become fatigued or develop slower reaction times. For this reason, it is important that drivers do not get behind the wheel after they have consumed any alcoholic beverages.

2. Refrain from Driving When You are Sleepy.

When a sleepy person gets behind the wheel, they can create dangers for all others sharing the road.Fatigued drivers may not be fully aware of their surroundings, lack attention to details on the road, and may not have the attention span they need to properly react to road conditions. If drivers become sleepy, it is advised that they pull over and rest until they are wide awake before getting behind the wheel again.

3. Rotate Drivers During a Long Drive.

During a long drive, it can be easy for a person to lose focus and attention. For this reason, it is wise to rotate drivers every couple hours. This can ensure that each driver is not behind the wheel while sleepy or distracted.

4. Do Not Try to Read a Map or Look at Navigational Apps While Driving.

Many people rely on maps or navigational apps to get them to new destinations. However, reading a map or using an electronic device while behind the wheel can cause a person to become physically, visually, and mentally distracted. It is recommended that a driver ask their passengers to relay any information the driver may need while the vehicle is in motion. If a person is traveling alone, they should pull over to read the map before getting behind the wheel again.

5. Check the Tire Pressure Before Getting on the Road.

This is important especially when a person chooses to travel a long distance. Before a long road trip, a person should take their car to a trusted mechanic to ensure their tires are in good condition.

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