As of October 1, a new Florida texting law went into effect. This law makes it a secondary offense to text while driving. In other words, an officer cannot simply pull you over for texting, unless you have committed another infraction. When another infraction is committed, an officer can write you a $30 ticket. Many individuals believe this legislation is not aggressive enough.

Research by the National Safety Council found that there is a cell phone-related accident every 24 seconds in America, or about 1.3 million times a year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Estimation estimates that using a phone ups your chances of getting in a crash by 23 times. Some research indicates that a distracted driver can be even more dangerous than a drunk driver, as the mind is distracted for up to a minute and a half after texting.

Most people are not skilled with multitasking, which is why the use of a cell phone while driving can turn horrific. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,331 people lost their lives in distracted driving collisions in 2011 and another 387,000 suffered injuries in these crashes.

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