Whether you are a new motorcycle rider or an experienced biker, it is in your best interest to practice basic motorcycle safety. Read up on these tips to stay safe on the road.

Choose the Right Bike

When shopping for a bike, make sure to select one that fits your body frame. On an ideal bike, you should be able to rest both feet flat on the ground without having to stand on tiptoe. The handlebars should be within easy reach. Do not choose a bike that feels too heavy to maneuver easily.

Consider choosing a bike equipped with antilock brakes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycles with antilock brakes are 37% less likely to be involved in a fatal crash than motorcycles without them. Antilock brakes allow you to retain steering control during an emergency stop, and can be helpful in slippery conditions.

Wear Proper Safety Gear

Before heading out on the road, wear proper safety gear to protect you from serious injuries in the event of an accident. Consider wearing a reinforced jacket, full pants, gloves, and over-the-ankle footwear. Equip yourself with protective gear, including a helmet and eye protection. Research shows that riders without a helmet are 40% more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in an accident.

Ride Safely

The most important tip for any motorcyclist is to stay alert at all times. According to a recent study, car drivers are at fault 60% of the time in accidents involving cars and motorcycles. Keep an eye out for cars suddenly changing lanes or pulling out from driveways or side streets. Give yourself enough distance behind cars so you have enough time to stop suddenly if necessary.

It’s also a good idea to be proactive in your driving habits. Do not ride your motorcycle when poor weather is forecast, as this can lead to slippery conditions on the road. Avoid roads that you know are filled with potholes or other hazards.

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