Over the past decade, European and Asian car manufacturers implemented new design protocols for pedestrian safety. While some factors, such as visibility, are designed to prevent vehicle-pedestrian accidents, new cars come with features to minimize pedestrian injuries in the event of a collision. Some design features, for example, create space underneath the hood of the car to prevent accident victims from coming into contact with the car’s engine. Common design features include:

  • Hood Elevation
    The elevation ratio between the front of the car and the base of the hood is important. Raising the base of the hood creates more space between the engine of the vehicle and the vehicle exterior. This also raises the windshield of the car.
  • Wheel Size
    Even wheel size is determined by pedestrian safety standards. Before the new regulations, tire openings were smaller. To compensate for other modifications in the vehicle body, designers began fitting proportionately sized tires into the new openings.
  • Seating Position
    Hood elevation forces the windshield back, forcing vehicle designers to raise the dashboard, cowl and seating as well. This is an important feature because it increases visibility, especially for the driver, which can prevent accidents with pedestrians.

Can vehicle design really improve pedestrian safety?

According to research, vehicle design has proven to significantly influence pedestrian safety during an accident. Over one million people are killed in pedestrian accidents every year. While pedestrian-vehicle accidents will always carry a higher potential for injury and death, certain elements of the vehicle design can actually decrease the impact of an accident. In fact, some manufacturers have regulations to protect the victim’s limbs, head, and more.

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