Any time a car accident occurs, there is a risk of neck and back injuries. In fact, experiencing neck and lower back pain directly after a crash is extremely common. 

If you have been in a recent car crash and are experiencing neck or back pain, it’s important to seek the advice of a medical doctor who can identify the root cause of your injury and set up an appropriate treatment plan. 

Neck Injuries Caused By a Car Crash

Neck injuries in a car crash are often caused by whiplash. Whiplash occurs when there is a forceful back-and-forth movement of the neck, similar to the cracking of a whip. It is commonly caused by rear-end car accidents. 

Most people who suffer from whiplash get better within a few weeks. However, some people will continue to have pain months in the future. Severe cases can result in reduced mobility in the head and neck.

It is difficult to predict how each person will recover. In general, those who suffer from pre-existing neck or back issues fare more poorly.

Back Injuries Caused By a Car Crash

Often, back injuries from an automobile crash happen due to damage to the spinal discs. The associated pain is referred to as discogenic pain

When one or more spinal discs are damaged, the pain can be intense. Most people who experience back pain after a collision face pain in the lumbar spine.

Lumbar Sprains

A lumbar sprain can result in damaged tendons and muscles that spasm and feel sore. 

A physician can diagnose a lumbar sprain using an X-ray, CT scan, MRI, or electromyogram (EMG). Treatment usually involves physical therapy, spinal injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and rest.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when there is a narrowing in the spaces between vertebrae in the spine. This can occur from the force absorbed during a car accident. 

Symptoms of spinal stenosis include:

  • Numbness or tingling in the foot or leg
  • Weakness
  • Pain or cramping in one or both legs 
  • Back pain

Diagnosis of spinal stenosis is made via X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. Once a physician has determined that spinal stenosis is the cause of your injury, they will design a treatment plan. 

Common treatments include pain relievers, opioids, physical therapy, and surgery. The extent of the damage will determine the treatment required.

Disc Herniation

A herniated disc refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions that sit between the vertebrae that stack to make your spine. Each disc is encased in a shell. If something occurs to the shell, the material inside may rub against the vertebrae, causing intense pain.

Symptoms usually include arm or leg pain, numbness, or tingling. Often, a doctor will try to manage the pain using anti-inflammatory medications, but surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Treating Neck and Back Pain After an Accident

If you are experiencing neck or back pain after an accident, it’s important to see a doctor or physician as soon as possible. A medical professional can assess your injuries. Once a diagnosis is given, you can begin a plan for recovery. 

If another driver is at fault for your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover economic damages to cover your past and future medical expenses related to your neck or back injury. Moreover, they can help you recover money for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of those injuries.

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