Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in New Port Richey

Dangerous intersections and dangerous roads can increase the risk of car accidents in New Port Richey, Florida. A traffic accident at one of these intersections can result in debilitating injuries for accident victims. If you sustain injuries in a Tampa Bay area car accident, we are here to help.

The New Port Richey intersection accident lawyers of Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers have been assisting clients in the Tampa Bay area for decades. Our lawyers have over 75 years of combined legal experience. 

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How Our New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After an Intersection Accident 

How Our New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After an Intersection Accident

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident at a dangerous intersection or along a dangerous road can be overwhelming. You have to deal with the property damage to your vehicle, seek medical treatment for injuries, and figure out a way to make ends meet while you’re out of work.

The last thing you need is insurance adjusters pressuring you to accept a low settlement offer. 

When you hire the legal team at Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, you can expect us to:

  • Handle all aspects of your personal injury case, from the accident investigation to filing a lawsuit
  • Gather evidence and identify the parties liable for your damages
  • Document your damages by working with you and your doctors 
  • Calculate the maximum value for your injury claim and aggressively pursue all avenues to recover that amount
  • Negotiate a fair and just settlement with the insurance provider and liable party
  • Monitor deadlines for filing lawsuits and other claims

If you were injured in a car accident in New Port Richey, FL, we want to help. Call our office to schedule a free case review with a New Port Richey personal injury lawyer. 

Before you sign any documents for an insurance company or agree to a settlement, make sure you understand your legal rights and options.

How Common Are Intersection Accidents in New Port Richey?

Accidents at intersections are the most common type of traffic accident. About 40 percent of the traffic accidents each year occur at intersections. 

Nationwide, there are over two million intersection accidents each year. In Florida, over 312,000 intersection crashes resulted in over 35,000 injuries and 884 traffic fatalities in one year. 

Overview of Dangerous Roads and Intersections in New Port Richey

There are many roads and intersections that are considered dangerous in New Port Richey. 

Dangerous New Port Richey intersections and roads include:

  • Main Street and State Route 19 in West Pasco County
  • Congress Street and Massachusetts Avenue
  • Main Street and Madison Street
  • Cecilia Drive and Madison Avenue
  • Trouble Creek Road at U.S. 19
  • 22nd Street in Dade City
  • State road 54

Other Pasco County roads may also be dangerous. Roads may be dangerous due the number of traffic accidents occurring there each year,  a lack of pedestrian safety measures, inadequate traffic control, or poor road design. 

What Are Common Causes of Intersection Crashes?

Running red lights and failing to yield the right of way are two of the most common causes of intersection crashes. Drivers who are trying to “beat the light” can ram into other drivers who have the right of way. The result is head-on collisions and side-impact crashes.

Common factors that can lead to a crash in an intersection include:

  • Distractions while driving, including texting and using a cell phone while driving
  • Drugged and drunk driving
  • High speed and failing to obey traffic signals
  • Aggressive driving and road rage
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving
  • Tailgating and following too closely 

Sadly, intersection accidents are almost always avoidable. This means that, more often than not, a driver acted negligently in causing an intersection accident.

Common Injuries Sustained in Intersection Accidents  

Intersection accidents include head-on crashes and T-bone collisions, which have a high risk of traumatic injuries. Rear-end accidents are also common at intersections.

The injuries a person might sustain in an accident depend on the severity of the crash. 

However, common intersection accident injuries include:

The types of damages caused by an intersection crash vary. Even a minor accident can result in severe injuries and significant financial losses. The accident victim may be entitled to recover economic damages and non-economic damages.

Who is Liable for an Intersection Accident in New Port Richey?

Before you can recover money for an accident claim, you must prove that the other driver caused the crash. Unless witnesses are willing to step forward, accusations of fault could come down to your word against the other driver’s word. 

Red-light cameras can sometimes provide evidence to prove fault. Likewise, nearby surveillance cameras and traffic cameras may also prove that another driver caused your crash. 

When multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, comparative fault can muddy the issue of liability. Florida’s modified comparative fault rules allow you to recover damages as long as you are 50% or less responsible for your intersection accident. However, your damages will be reduced to account for your share of blame.

That’s why you can benefit from hiring a car accident attorney in New Port Richey to handle your case. An attorney understands how to search for evidence and what is required to prove fault and liability for a car crash. 

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If you were injured in an intersection accident, we can help. Florida’s statute of limitations only gives you two years to file a lawsuit for your intersection accident damages (as of March 24, 2023 — if your crash happened prior to that date, you may have up to four years to take legal action). If you miss the deadline, you lose your right to compensation.

Florida insurance laws can be confusing. Insurance companies do not make it easy for accident victims to receive the money they deserve after a car crash. Our legal team will take up the fight for you so that you can focus on your health and your recovery. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a New Port Richey intersection accident lawyer.