Recently, a study published by the University of Colorado Denver has shown that shared lane markings, also referred to as sharrows, are not actually benefiting bicyclists at all. To determine whether sharrows were actually making the roads safer for cyclists, researchers examined a number of safety outcomes throughout Chicago. Some areas received designated bike lanes, others received sharrows, and some areas received no treatments whatsoever.

The study proved the following:

  • Designated bicycle lanes are much safer and encourage more individuals to ride bicycles as sources of transportation.
  • Sharrows did not improve safety or encourage cyclists to ride more often.
  • In areas with designated bike lanes, bicycle commute rates increased by double.
  • Bike commute rates only increased by 27% in areas that received sharrows.
  • Areas that received no treatment saw a 43% increase in bike commuters.

In addition, places that had bike lanes installed saw a 42% decrease in injuries while places with sharrows or no treatments did not see any significant changes. In conclusion, designated bicycle lanes create safer road conditions for cyclists since it allows cyclists to create a more significant and larger presence on the road which is necessary when riding next to passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses.

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