In a recent news report, the driver of an alleged hit-and-run accident said that he acted under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Attorney Mark Roman, who represents the victim, doesn’t buy the defendant’s assertion. Mark said, “Stand your ground is all the rage among defense attorneys these days. It seems that people think you can act with impunity. ” In fact, he believes that a security video from the night of the incident trumps the driver’s self-defense claim.

“The video speaks for itself,” said Mark, “[The victim] was run over, and whoever did it…had to know they were running over a human being…The car seems to go as though it’s going over a speed bump.”

After what appears to be an argument, the driver hit the victim with his vehicle and drove away. According to the driver, he didn’t realize that he struck the bouncer until law enforcement began searching for him as a hit-and-run suspect.

The driver’s defense attorney claims that the victim acted aggressively and scared the victim. “He was petrified,” the attorney told reporters.

The victim is a bouncer at Silks Club in Palm Harbor, FL, where the incident occurred. In a recent plea on a local news network, the victim told the driver, “You hurt my family,” he said, “I can’t do nothing for my family now. I have a girlfriend with three kids and a grandbaby. I can’t do nothing.”

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