In a car accident, the passengers inside the vehicle are subject to severe harm. One such incident occurs when the brain rattles inside your skull caused by the impact of your wreck. It creates an unintentional motion and you have no control over the outcome.

There are various types of brain injuries that can result from the collision, all varying in severity. Depending on the type of trauma done, the symptoms can range from a minor headache and memory problems to significant bleeding and complete brain damage.

Concussions and Other Mild Brain Injuries

Concussions are typically the most common types of brain injuries that occur in car accidents because of how easy it is for the brain to sustain impact during the collision. The brain contacts the inside of the skull, creating significant pain and leading to potential issues such as brief loss of consciousness.

These types of injuries are considered the mild form of TBIs and can lead to short-term memory loss. However, the more concussions a person has sustained, the more severe the symptoms can be.

Brain Bleeds (Hemorrhaging)

If the impact to your brain is significant, it can result in a brain bleed. Because of the very nature of the location, it is often uncontrollable and significant bleeding can result in permanent damage, nausea, and severe headaches.

Hemorrhaging can be broken down into two types: subarachnoid and intracerebral. Subarachnoid is bleeding in the space surrounding your brain. Intracerebral is bleeding within the tissues in your brain.

Should your head contact the frame, the dashboard, or any other part of the vehicle in a crash, it can be easy to sustain significant harm. If you are able to, contact medical emergency assistance right away to begin receiving treatment and get the help you need.

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