Personal Injury

Can You Recognize The Signs of a Concussion?

Chances are you’ve heard of concussions, especially if you’ve played sports. Although many people don’t feel concussions are serious injuries, it’s important to remember that they are in every way a form of traumatic brain injury. Whether you and your children enjoy contact sports and are gearing up for football season or an unpredictable accident… read more

Catch a Pokemon, Not an Injury

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Pokemon Go game by now. The game, which downloads to a smart phone as an app, allows one to visit various sites where various characters will appear on your phone screen. The app has become hugely popular in the last few weeks, with players flocking… read more

July is Wrong Way Driving Awareness Month

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has designated July as Wrong Way Driving Awareness Month. Wrong way driving collisions occur when vehicles fail to observe pavement markings and posted traffic signs and proceed into a lane going the wrong direction. The majority of wrong way driving collisions are head-on, resulting in three-quarters… read more

After Orlando Shooting, It’s Time for a Sensible Discussion About Gun Violence

Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited . . .the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. These are not the words of a hysteria gun-control advocate. They are instead the words of the late Supreme… read more

Pay Attention to Marine Safety During the Summertime Boating Season

This is National Safe Boating Week. It’s no coincidence that boating safety advocates in the U.S. and Canada chose this week for an awareness campaign. While Florida boaters enjoy the water year-round, places further north are just beginning their season for boating. Peak times for boating in most of North America will be from now… read more

Learn the Signs of Swimmers in Distress as Summer Beach Season Approaches

It’s nearly beach season! While enjoying the beach and water is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, we should all take a moment to think about water safety. This is especially important for young children –drowning is the number two cause of accidental death for kids 15 and younger (vehicle accidents are number one). About 750… read more

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Insurance Companies

The insurance world can be complex and difficult to understand. Whether an insurance company is a large corporation or a small office found in your local neighborhood, the goal for each company is the same: to generate profit. As a result, the insurance industry has become extremely successful and profitable. Many of these companies go… read more

4 Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents This Spring Break

With spring break right around the corner, many people are getting ready to visit new places, hang out by the pool, and relax in good company. Of course, many people who take advantage of this vacation time will want to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages to unwind. As a result, the roads can become a… read more

5 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Traveling During Spring Break

With spring break just around the corner, many young individuals and families will be traveling to different cities to enjoy new views, the outdoors, and friends. Of course, time on the road means higher risks for serious car accidents. To keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe when traveling this spring, consider the following… read more

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Earns a $4,356,000.00 Verdict for a Car Accident Victim

On Monday, August 6, 2012, a car accident victim, who was represented by Mark S. Roman and Morgan L. Gaynor of Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, was rear-ended by an employee of Mercedes-Benz in Melbourne. Immediately after the collision, healthcare professionals rendered the plaintiff unconscious and stated that she suffered the following injuries: Multiple fractures… read more